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When Family + Business Collide – A new born baby while running a business

In corporate world, travel, usa by Michael Michelini5 Comments

Met my good friend, Mike Andrews today, who went to Stevens Tech with me, at his company Hudson Digital Systems for internet marketing training and SEO consulting for his business. Again, trying to use public transportation has been difficult…looked to take a train to West Paterson, NJ but so many connections for only 16 miles….he ended up picking me up …

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Taking That Return Flight to Hong Kong…

In motivation, travel by Michael Michelini9 Comments

Maybe my friends reading this are getting a bit frustrated with me….but now I have decided to take the flight back to Hong Kong (ie China / Philippines) I have been thinking about this since the wedding this weekend…and I guess I have a lot of explaining to do! When I first landed in new york JFK airport a bit …

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My dream last night

In motivation by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

I think it was a few dreams together, waking up and going back to sleep I was in the Philippines, and I was on a skype phone from a room I had never been in before. I was talking to Andrew that I had given up newyorkbarstore. He was telling me its ok, and that I tried the best I …

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Riding an Emotional Rollercoaster

In family friends, motivation by Michael Michelini18 Comments

My family has a history of bipolar disorder. When I was younger, I went to a psychiatrist to see if I had signs of bipolar. The doctor said it wasn’t likely I had it, and that maybe by my mid-twenties if I didn’t have it, then most likely it wouldn’t show up. I never was admitted to a hospital for …

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Best bus ride ever

In travel by Michael Michelini1 Comment

Best bus ride ever I am on my way to Tayan’s wedding in Virginia, and am still terrified to get on a bus after my worst bus ride ever, globally but had to “man up” and get down there. I coulda waited till tomorrow and rode down with Giuseppe and Maria, but wanted to get down on Friday for the …

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People Watch Too Much TV in America!

In family friends, usa by Michael Michelini12 Comments

I guess I never really was a big TV watcher, back when I was younger, maybe in grade school, I remember getting my first computer, a 25 MHZ PC (I am not so techy now, back then it seemed easier) and Brian and William helped me overclock it to 33MHZ and upgrade RAM. Anyway, I would work on my computer, …

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The Main Thing Holding you back is YOU!

In usa by Michael Michelini8 Comments

As I run all over the place like crazy, of course I am getting frustrated. And some things don’t go as I planned, and I get angry – but there is a saying “A man can fail, but he isn’t a failure until he blames someone else.” – J. Paul Getty I have tried my best to constantly repeat this …

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Soon Mobile Internet Will Own Our Soul!

In usa by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Just finished up day 2 of #MXM2010 (Mobile Cross Media 2010) that discussed the convergence of mobile and web internet, and how companies can keep up to the rapidly growing and changing mobile space. I was informed about the event in the first place because I have been keeping in touch with Gillian Museig (aka SEOmom) from and she …

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Worst bus ride ever – globally!

In travel by Michael Michelini15 Comments

Man, I thought traveling in Philippines was difficult and scary try taking a greyhound bus from Connecticut to New York! Normally I take the metro north railroad train from New Haven to New york City, but I didn’t have a ride that far. So Andrew dropped me off in Hartford’s Union Station to catch a bus to NYC. First of …

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Eminem is More Motivational Then Ever

In travel by Michael Michelini4 Comments

I’m not going to attempt to say I’m an expert in the rap scene – I just follow what’s playing on the radio, club, bar – But I remember Eminem back when he came out, and I was in high school – he was derogative, slanderous, disrespectful, etc etc – It was rather hilarious and got him a lot of …