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Stuck in China – Mike’s blog 064

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So, been disappointed to see Casey Neistat has stopped his daily vlog! But I’ll keep this going – and its kinda boring now – I’m stuck without a passport in China as I renew my China visa for the next year. Hope it goes through without a problem!

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Making Blogs For My Kids

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So, I bought their domain names as soon as they were born, but never really setup the website. This is for a couple reasons, one I was so busy, and the other because many of my friends say it is not good to put your kids on the internet. I have convinced myself that they are going to thank me …

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Social Media Marketing Tools Every Blogger Should Have

In social media, travel by Michael Michelini

Have you ever dreamed of an era where internet marketing was a lot easier than it is today? The tools available to assist the internet marketers can go a long way in reducing their workload and helping them get rid of the tons of repetitive and monotonous tasks that would irk them every now and then, when done manually.

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Grind Report October 2016 – Grind10

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We are in November everyone! I think this is when we all feel that the year is ending. And October was a wild month – which means I was outside “hustling” instead of inside “grinding”. Here are the results: Prediction For November’s Grind What is in store for this month? Well, nowhere near as many networking activities, just a Global …

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Already Thinking About 2017

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Let’s rock this. Halloween is over. I remember a joke I saw on Instagram, when the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, the pumpkins go away and the Christmas carols turn on in the department stores! Lol! Well, I am even more ahead of them – skipping the Christmas mindset and heading straight into new years. Are you ready? I remember …

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With Few Clicks Get Your Tweets on Google Search

In travel, Twitter Tools by Michael Michelini

Have you ever thought that you could have your tweets appear on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Do you think that this could be of any advantage to you? Is it worth all the hassle in the world? Well folks, here’s a fun fact for you: Google, the biggest search engine on the world wide web, has commenced indexing …