Check Miles and Maggie’s NFT Art Collection “ I Love Mommy”

I Love Mommy NFT Collection

Family Photos

A bit about the family

My wife is Wendy. Chinese woman from near Beijing. Married in 2013 and have 2 kids together, Miles and Maggie. She is into buddhism and meditation. I made a simple page for her on

My son, Miles, was born in May 2014 and speaks both English and Chinese. He enjoys drawing and painting quite a bit. I have a mini website for him at

My daughter, Maggie, was born in Jan 2016 and is a real princess. Extremely smart and lovable she knows how to get what she wants and is excelling with her teachers in preschool. I have a mini website for her at

If you’re curious about my personal background, I talk about my family “roots” here. For me I’m content creator / blogger for ecommerce – is my personal blog – and I am doing more and more Amazon FBA business content creation.

And for my grandmother – I am so confused about her name – and the story. My uncle Bill tells me the family came from Russia, spent time in korea, then to Seattle. Most of the family went to California, but for some reason my grandmother went to New York City and that is where she met my grandfather.

I am still so in the dark about my grandmother, I remember her when I was a kid and her passing away when I was around 4 or 5 years old (it is still foggy to me). I remember playing around her feet in the living room with my cars and legos. I remember her funeral and open casket and my father taking me down the aisle and up the few steps towards her coffin. I remember him encouraging me to touch her face and I was so shocked at that feeling. It is a bit blurry in my memory but this is how I remember it.

I remember the paintings she made hung up all around the house. I remember my dad giving me my name Michael Angelo because she was an artist. I wasn’t aware of her singing ability.