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Example Of How China Market Is Its Own Market…

In china business by Michael Michelini8 Comments

Spent a nice evening in Shenzhen with the local crew, discussing internet, mobile phones, china business… you know, normal geeky stuff. Vlad had this hilarious phone, by Lenovo, he bought in China wal mart – and he described a bunch of the features….let me explain the different features to highlight, and reflect on these points and explain how this is …

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I’m a Social Media Consultant! In China!

In business, social media by Michael Michelini8 Comments

uh oh! Its official, I’ve changed my email signature from “internet marketing consultant” to “social media consultant”. Changed my “job” by changing my email signature….pretty hilarious when you think about it….but we are who we make ourselves to be…or else others tell us who to be. Its our choice, I have said it not making a decision is making a …

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Reasons to go Couchsurfing this Summer

In travel by Michael Michelini8 Comments

I’m all about the new movement in life, flexible workspace, couchsurfing, community, social media, minimalist. I don’t think I am crazy, I just think I am maybe a more early adopter. I have stated I’m fully embracing couchsurfing And What is it to OWN an office? To own full time workers in a full time office? Or hotel renting in …

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Happy Mothers Day! Miss Mom and Nana!

In family friends by Michael Michelini4 Comments

You know whats the hardest things you sacrifice when doing business overseas? Some may think the hardest things about doing business overseas would be language, culture shock, risks of not knowing people as well as your hometown / country…..nope, by far its the separation from your family, especially your mom and dad. The connection you have with your mom – …

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Do Tech CEOs Need To Be %@#$@^& to Succeed?

In business, usa by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Again, unfortunately, I’m reading more news supporting the fact that “nice guys finish last”. This article I read, Why Are Tech Founders Such Assholes? (Gawker), points out the negative things famous and successful businessmen have done in their career to get ahead. Sure, you can spin things in different ways, and life is always about perspective. There is that saying …

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Not All White Guys in China Are Rich!

In china business by Michael Michelini10 Comments

Bet that title got your attention! But it is true, so many Chinese people see a white face and think he/she is rich. Maybe its culture, maybe its tradition, maybe its how In this post I put a statue I just saw recently in China, a fat Chinese guy. I’m told that a fat person in China means: Rich Happy …

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Spending More Time on my Chinese Blog, mailini

In china business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

I should cross promote the two blogs more, not sure if people even realize i have this blog translated to chinese. When I first came to China at the end of 2007 my good friend, Gao Xing, gave me my chinese name, mai li ni , which is a best effort to convert my family name, michelini, to a chinese …

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Return of the Geeks, Have Their Fun Later in Life

In usa by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

I consider myself always as semi geek, semi cool…..I played on both sides when in high school, and learned to be flexible and deal with many personalities. I am not afraid to make fun of myself, maybe its a sign I’m getting old! I also blogged about how us “social media” online people are a bunch of nerds! There have …