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2024: The Year Of Letting Go & Empowering

In blog, Events, motivation by Michael Michelini

The screenshot in today’s blog choked me up. For years (I’d say since 2020 covid lockdown) been actively working to take our Shadstone agency and build leaders and managers that can grow and operate without my “pushing”. Our team members are code named “ninjas” – yes Shadstone ninjas. There is a whole story about it and even made custom hoodies …

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Tunnel Temple Experience To Ring in 2024 (temple3)

In blog, motivation, travel by Michael Michelini

We are pushing ahead into a new year – and felt it was a great time to (1) bring my father-in-law to the temple experience at the request of my wife, and (2) prepare my mind for 2024 and the Loadpipe transition. You can check out the 2 previous temple experiences I have had at temple1 and temple2. This one …

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Unboxing: Plumepas Pampas Bouquet Set For Home, Office, & Wedding

In blog, business, e-commerce, vlog by Michael Michelini

Looking for some nice decor for your home, bathroom, office, or to use as wedding decorations? The Plumepas pampas bouquet set is what we are showing you today in this unboxing video. Made in Thailand, from various local farmers, and assembled and prepared at a specialized flower and dried grass facility, this is a combination of assorted flowers and grass …

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Elephant Sanctuary Group Trip & Experience

In blog, Events, vlog by Michael Michelini

Wrapping up the Cross Border Summit 2023 a few high level speakers and guests joined us for a Sunday morning trip to the Elephant sanctuary. Bright and early at 630am we met at the hotel lobby to take a 1 hour drive up into the mountains of Chiang Mai. Arriving approximately 8am, a welcome speech from the elephant sanctuary manager. …