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Letting People See Where You Are Online, good or bad?

In websites by Michael Michelini2 Comments

For those of you not aware of this, one of the new things now is geo-based social networking…allowing you to share with the world where you are at the moment. I think this is pretty awesome, though I am aware the majority of people probably think invasion of privacy, security risks (“I know when you’re home, and when you’re not” …

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The China Dream May Not Be Over Yet…

In china business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Life always works in mysterious ways…..just when I book my ticket to Philippines and figure I may not be in China every so often, I take up an offer to visit a Hong Kong domainer’s warehouse and factory operation in Dong Guan city. I met him at the PPX Domainer’s meetup last Monday and we both have a common interest …

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Movie Review – The Social Network, A Facebook Story

In Books, Reviews, travel by Michael Michelini4 Comments

FINALLY got to watch the facebook movie “The Social Network”, and wow, it is AMAZING, really has not much to do with the actual making of the technology and marketing of facebook, but does bring home the struggles and problems in doing business with friends, and not having clearly defined roles and exit strategies for partners. I’m not gonna ruin …

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Sometimes Just Feel Like It’s a Constant Hail Mary

In motivation by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Maybe its because I spread myself too thin. Maybe because I feel the odds are against me. Because I’m traveling alone, and currently don’t have any business partners to “share the pain” but I am constantly hustling and trying to make things happen when I feel totally cornered What is a Hail Mary? Well, it’s a football term when the …

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More Friends Weddings and Newborn Babies

In business, family friends by Michael Michelini20 Comments

One friend proposing last week. Another announcing a baby coming soon. Good friend in Shenzhen just having his second son. A couple getting married in China. Life keeps on moving forward. Now I understand the perspective of people my age…..this pressure people would tell me when I was a young boy about other friends and piers getting married and having …

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At a Domainers Meetup, Finding My Calling

In business, china seo by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

For those of you following my blog, its been pretty obvious I am scrambling to find my calling in life. This year really has been a transitional year…..since Google China leaving, business environment in China getting more difficult, and my trip back to USA to reflect on things since I’ve been away for two and a half years. Marshall from …

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Summary + Reflection of My 2 Month USA Trip

In travel, usa by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Writing this on my China eastern flight to Hong Kong. I’m so addicted to blogging! Well it would have been a paper journal if not online. What an exhausting 2 months in USA….reflecting about it is rewarding for me to reflect on. For those of you following my blog, this may seem like a repeat, but this is a good …

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These Long Flights Always Get Me Thinking

In travel by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Currently in a connection in Shanghai, China, and while I don’t think anyone looks forward to these long international flights…this 16 hour flight I have been doing a lot of reflecting….thinking….writing on scratch paper. Talking in my head. Giving myself pep talks. Giving more motivational inspiration on paper….probably because I don’t sleep at all, and the stewardess keeps getting me …

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In Los Angeles Having Injera from Ethiopia

In business, family friends by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Been spending my time here in Los Angeles with my Stevens Tech friend and fraternity brother Abiy Yacob- he’s now married to his beautiful wife Kiddy and living in West LA. Have been learning more about him and the Ethiopian culture more then I did when I was in university. I guess I was more “sheltered” then, and focusing purely …

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In San Diego, Remembering A Few Years Ago

In motivation, usa by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Been an unusual few days so unable to post for a while. Was in Los Angeles with Abiy for a day, then rushed down to San Diego for the weekend. Remembering the same route in San Diego May 2007 when I was just getting here after leaving my day job at Deutsche Bank. That feels a lot longer then a …

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Recap of my Last Day in NYC

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Yesterday, man, what a rush…started bright and early in the morning with catching up on tons of emails, and phone calls. Lunch with Jason Perez, my fraternity big bro, and his client for financial services that is looking for advice and help with his website for New Jersey sports leagues. Rushing off there, I headed from the lunch (in Hoboken, …