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7-Day Mountain Temple Experience Recap

In travel by Michael Michelini

No video blog, no photos today of the actual experience, sorry. Just have this one photo of the map I took while hiking one of the mountains in case I got lost (which I did anyway – but what is it to be lost in reality anyway?) Like many things in life, I wish I had done this earlier. My …

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Company Retreat

In blog, travel, vlog by Michael Michelini

March 2020 was crazy! I went to Bohol in the Philippines to meet my team. The plan was to do a strategic planning and team building or retreat. I just want to get to know the team better. Then, it happened. Lockdown. We were having fun one day then scrambled to try to get home the next. The rest, well …

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Mini Vacation in China (Yes, in today’s Climate)

In travel, vlog by Michael Michelini

Been quite some time since last vlog, feels strange even recording and typing it up. A bit rusty with the video came – hope you can enjoy! A few of you have been missing the videos – but I do not want to just make videos for the sake of making videos. The point of the vlog is when I …

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Drastic Times, Drastic Measures: Mask Trading & Re-launching Sourcing business

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My wife has been pushing me for weeks to do this, and I have been resisting. As always, the wife is always right. We need to change our business models and do what is most needed – for the world and for our businesses. I’m bringing back the old Shadstone Sourcing trading business – – and will be focusing …

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Company Retreat in Bohol Turned Operation: Evacuation

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Writing this up from my hotel room in Bohol under much different circumstances than I expected for our team retreat. Rushing to the airport on Thursday, Marc told me that Manila is considering going on full lockdown. I wasn’t sure if I could make my flight before the lockdown was announced or what would even happen. Flight went like normal …