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Visit to 1 Factory (But Rejected in Another Due to COVID)

In blog, china business, startup, vlog by Michael Michelini

Mid-February 2022, and we are grinding along as best we can, right? Luciano and I are upgrading / re-building a product brand that started in 2003, and bringing a new product line that we are launching on Amazon. It is called Excalibur Brothers ( and we have gotten great support from franchisees in the community via the Blimp Method. Now …

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NowShenzhen Re-Launch: Making It Happen

In blog, china business, Events by Michael Michelini

As we come to a wrap on the year 2021, one big project we’ve been working on is taking over the site NowShenzhen (formally known as Shenzhen Party) that started this past summer. After tons of rebuilding, reworking, and analysis, the new site (we call it version 1.5) is live and we decided that what better way to get people …

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Back to Business in Shenzhen

In blog, business, china business, family friends, vlog by Michael Michelini

After an overnight adventure landing and settling in to Shenzhen, we settled in a bit and then hit the ground running! Today I took the vlog camera out with me to some business meetings to give you a little sneak behind the scenes on “what does Mike actually do”? Anyone who is in the know knows that Shenzhen is the …

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Looking Back on Episode 100 of China Business Cast

In blog, china business, vlog by Michael Michelini

Came across China Business Cast and I can’t help but do a throwback to when all the hosts of the show, past and present, came together to do the 100th episode. Jons, JP, Shlomo and I looked back on the early days of China Business Cast and how each of us transitioned in our lives that also meant a transition …

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COVID Tests Twice a Week Experiences

In china business by Michael Michelini

Third Covid Test in 12 Days (welcome to 2021!) While I have already done a video blog about this, that was only on the first trip. Having been through this three times now in less than 2 weeks, and my fifth COVID test since March 2020, I figurer I would share the experience (as well as just get it out …

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Why we still MUST buy from Chinese factories

In business, china business by Michael Michelini

With the many sourcing challenges being faced by entrepreneurs, many are wondering if there is a need to look for factories other than in China. There were identified contenders but nothing seems to offer as much as Chinese factories can. What do you think this is? Are you thinking of moving to another factory source? Before you do, check out …

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Back on The Move – Visiting a Hazmat Suit Factory in Wife’s Hometown

In blog, business, china business, e-commerce, vlog by editor11Leave a Comment

Less than a week from being released from quarantine, and back on the move. But to be honest, not able to leave the province (like a US state) so easily due to the quarantine process and health check in each province. So we are sticking to finding and visiting factories in the “neighborhood”. We’re lucky to have Wendy’s network and …

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Featured on Fulfillment Bridge for our Loadpipe Group Buy From Factory Startup

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Have not been so overworked in a while – I love the pressure. From pressure and hard work comes value and assistance to the rest of the world. During the last couple weeks of building out group buy from factory direct website, we’ve linked up with Fulfillment Bridge on their mask trading shipping service. They mentioned us on their …