Tips for Finding Editors on Your Writing

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Finding Editors For Your Articles

This is a question I received from Ricky in Shenzhen – how do you find quality English language editors?

So, to be clear, a ton of what I write I don’t edit as much as I should. To me, I am writing these blogs to help people and if I put up more costs and barriers from getting the blog posts out there, then I won’t create at all. But if I have an important article on a business site, or I am writing (another) book, I will want it to be properly edited.

How to find these editors?

First, editing is often more critical than the writing! If you want to make a good impression on yourself and your business, it should be cleaned up (I’m being a hypocrite here, as I don’t do it – but then again, some people complain – I just keep writing!).

Just like any team member in your business, it will take time. You need to sift through various people by testing them out, and finding those you like.

If you are reading blogs, many times those writers can offer editing services. Or just in networking, you can find people that are natural writers and detail oriented.

So I have found my editors by:

A) they approach me as they like my content and want to help me.
B) I see they are good writers and I have gotten to know them over time
C) They are very detail oriented and perfectionists – which is a great skill for an editor.

Sure, there are platforms like Upwork and Fiverr – and those can work – but for me it has been more of a networking, getting to know someone, and trying it out process.

How much should you pay for an editor?

Good question – I would say between 15 to 25 US dollars an hour. Then your next question is – how long will it take them to edit your articles or book? I know, you’re a smart business owner and you want to know your costs upfront before starting the editor.

Probably it depends on how well edited you have done it already. If it is a rough first draft – there will need to be a lot of work done on it.

I would say 1 hour should be plenty of time for a 500 to 1000 word blog post.

Decide How Important This Content Is To You

What you put online reflects who you are. I am churning out this content and not having it professionally edited. But this is kind of “my brand” in a way – I am taking action and instead of delaying and beating around the bush – my personal blog here (Mike’s blog) is about making things happen.

But in my books and in my business blogs, I really try to have it reviewed and checked by others before putting online.

Think of your angle, your image. How do you want those reading your article to feel if there is a grammar or spelling mistake.

Then, who is reading it? Is it for those who have English as a second language? Maybe it doesn’t need to be the best writing in the world, and you are just using the editing process as a mistake, as an excuse, to getting it released to the world.

So I always say – make, create – and then optimize later. Just get started with blogging, and work hard to improving your craft day by day.

What do you think of this article? I hope it inspires you to TAKE ACTION. Too many people I know are frozen to taking action, afraid they don’t know if what they can write about will be relevant, or if it will be good enough.

Just do it.

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