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About the Blog – Happiness in Pursuit

I have always been keeping a journal, since freshman year of high school, maybe earlier. At that time it was on paper, and on a artist pad. I would share my feelings and my thoughts on what I saw and felt as I went through life. At that time, I felt it was a secret and to be private.

Nowadays, I feel, who cares what others think, may as well push it online. You only live once, and if my stories and experiences are interesting enough for others to read and follow, then why not? If it can help someone else down the road, then it has served it purpose.

Also, keeping this blog to keep my family and friends around the world posted on what I’m up to. It was getting annoying constantly calling, emailing, and posting friends around the world with updates – telling the same FUNNY or DISTASTEROUS event again and again. Well, it was fun to keep giving these stories, and I still share those stories in person, over beers or on a long ride onwards, but find it on my blog, my happiness in pursuit.

Because life and happiness are about living, about going forward, and living each day thankful for what you have achieved and who you have become in your life. Celebrate life. And its never over, just different milestones along the way.

About the Author – Michael Michelini

Born in Connecticut, USA I have always been interested in travel and adventure. And I love to learn. Took more time to get my own company started, but always wanted to. Loved the movie “Lord of War”, international trade, international business. Also love internet. Inspiring people. Challenging common ideas. While blogging, a friend told me the poem – “The Man in The Arena” and I have been hooked on that idea since….living that way. Just not giving up, fighting down in the pits of day to day life. Living and learning.

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