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Memories of Alpha House, Hong Kong

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My friend, and previous landlord in Hong Kong – Andre Martin (@AndreMartin) created this lego replica of our office / house / activity space / podcast recording studio in Hong Kong Here is what he said in his whatsapp to me: This is where a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went in to Global From Asia. I remember crossing …

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Mike’s Blog turns 12 years old

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This blog turns 12 On March 26, 2007 I started this blog. I had quit my job on Wall Street – at Deutsche Bank – and was going full time entrepreneur – selling bar products online (which we had been doing since 2004) and sourcing from China (a new domain was registered then – I enjoy just blogging. I …

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Imagine Being Stuck in China?

In china business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Imagine Not being able to leave China? Foreigner Who CAN’T Leave China (When I was Saying Foreigners Are Leaving China) So today I’m sharing the opposite issue of what I have been through and noticing – instead of the trend of foreigners leaving China – today we have a friend who can’t leave! John Graham, a friend and expat in …

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Turn My Kids into Youtubers?

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Make My Kids a Youtube Channel? As a dad, and content creator, and former vlogger (I may return, but in a new shape and form), I do like the concept of documenting my kids growing up. Today’s day and age you can do so much more than simply marking their height on a door frame You can record the kids …

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Slowing Down My Buying From Strangers

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As a life long lover of, shall we say creating, or maybe inbound marketing, I have gotten a bit addicted to reading Flippa listings. It started as an idea from ViperChill to get inspiration and ideas on internet marketing by reading what marketers are doing to boost their sites fast and flip them on Flippa. He never said to buy …

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Amazing Staff Email

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Getting Emails Like This Makes Me Warm and Fuzzy Inside It has been a stressful few days, but then again when isn’t it stressful? Got a nice email from Ling Ling – a team member from 10 years ago! Yes, 10 years ago. It was 2008 when she worked for me, doing sourcing work in our Shenzhen, China office. For …

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American Breakfast on Saturdays

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Saturday American Breakfast My wife is amazing. Life is amazing. Saturday morning is again my favorite time of the week – pancakes, and today even bacon. It is these small things that really make life worth living. Since about 2014 she has made us pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning (my cheat day).

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Quick Roland Encounter In Taipei

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Random Encounters in Taiwan Even though I am on the download lately in social media (no vlogs, no social media updates) – tags and others sharing on social gets on people’s radars. While I’m down here (or up here technically) in Taipei, Taiwan – Roland randomly saw I was coming and reached out. We were lucky enough to grab dinner …

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Thailand

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Thailand Just a quick note on the blog… 😉 Kids are great. They really enjoyed Valentine’s day at school – sharing candy and making various arts and crafts. Makes me remember my school days – some memory still stuck in my head about being so stressed about who to give a secret valentine note to (or …