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Getting Excited + Nervous – USA Trip Next Week

In travel, usa by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Man, its almost here……1 more week (next Wednesday) and I’ll be back inside US borders. Wonder what the US customs official is gonna see when he sees my last date of entry was June 2008! A little nervous, its been so long. to see friends, family, customers, potential customers, online friends I have never met… Hope I can get everything …

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The New Internet – Being A HUMAN BEING

In business by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Kinda been on a rampage tonight…..I want my beating heart out there online! I think more of us have to open up and be HUMAN BEINGS on the internet, not robots (like this Terminator in the post) I’m kinda tired about hearing / seeing: On twitter people with 10,000 followers and they are only following 50 people. Come on….and then …

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Feeling It – Flying Up In The Air

In usa by Michael Michelini14 Comments

Its been a few days since I have been blogging…kinda off track as I’m getting more and more negative energy from people about why I blog, and why I blog here for free. and how people who I may not want to read it, read it. and how it may negatively effect my business having staff, customers, and competitors reading …

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Teaching American Culture, Makes Me Think

In philippines business, usa by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Just landed in Manila today, unpacked, and am now working USA schedule, from 10am to 7pm. Have 3 new workers to train, and have prepared more powerpoint training seminars (feel like a powerpoint machine lately…training, ebooks, etc). We went over ecommerce in USA, Shadstone company introduction, and my favorite one so far Understanding American Culture: Dealing with American customers for …

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Oh No! Heading Back to Manila, Philippines!

In philippines business by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Yeap, in Hong Kong airport, going BACK to Philippines. Keep getting the tweets and the texts / calls about how its too dangerous to go, I’m going to be kidnapped, held hostage, blah blah. But really, to be honest, this wasn’t in the agenda, returning to the Philippines, I was planning to stay in China the last 2 weeks until …

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Most People Are a Direct Reflection of Their Peers

In motivation by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

I love this quote by Tony Robbins: Most people are direct reflections of their peer group, Just another great quote I found on twitter, nice (yes, I keep showing people why I love twitter! just keeps inspiring me)! But yes, we become who we surround ourselves with…..what we hear each day, the news we listen to, the perspective and experiences …

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I Haven’t Changed Much Since University

In family friends by Michael Michelini2 Comments

Wrapped things up with my old friend hasan, he is heading up to beijing tomorrow from hong kong, and i returned back to shenzhen. Its been at least 4 or 5 years since i had seen him, we had gone to Stevens Tech together, were in the same fraternity (Delta Tau Delta) and then were roommate 1 year in New …

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Buy, Sell, Wheel, Deal, Hustle. Becoming a new-age social media salesman

In business, motivation by Michael Michelini4 Comments

I have always loved the hustle. That’s what attracted me to Wall Street, to New York. To China. to wholesale markets. Life is going faster then ever….I’m running between 4 or 5 countries in a couple months. Have alliances, offices throughout China (shanghai, fujian, shenzhen), Philippines, USA. I’m getting phone calls from India, speaking bad chinese to phone call salesman. …

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Maybe Do Social Media From Phuket, Thailand?

In motivation, travel by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Paul Chong from a wufantuan startup met up with me tonight and mentioned this social media posting in Phuket, Thailand! People have been noticing when I stop twittering! Awesome, social media is all about being a LIVE PERSON. A living, breathing human being. Not some RSS feed machine. And even if a human is actually writing it….don’t just talk professionally …

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Not Gonna Be Good For China / Philippines Relations…..

In china business, philippines business by Michael Michelini28 Comments

Started getting twitter and SMS messages about 10 hours ago about a hostage situation in the city of Manila in Philippines, involving about 15 Hong Kong people… obviously I’m smack in the middle of the political ramifications of this….so I looked deeper. I’m seeing tons of news coverage of it, but this article shows the potential political issues between Philippines …

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Movie About Dreams – Inception

In motivation by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Today spent some time with andy blahnik in hong kong to see the new movie inception. I had no idea what the movie was about going in, but man i is highly recommend you see it if you like action with a mix of abstract multi-thread stories simultaneously happening. I dont want to ruin the story for those who have …

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Differences Between Hong Kong + Mainland China

In china business by Michael Michelini10 Comments

Update – I keep a much more update to date article on my Global From Asia blog on differences between Hong Kong and Mainland China but keep this one for the archives, enjoy. Been in Hong Kong again these past few days, and always a bit of a touchy subject, depending on who you ask,either a person from hong kong …

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Maybe China is Right to Make It Difficult For Foreigners?

In china seo by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

When people complain or talk about why chinese government is filtering or blocking internet websites, the topic is always about censorship + control of information, but i believe its not just for filtering, but to allow their own chinese internet companies compete vs global or american brands….. I have had this talk with some chinese internet friends as well, and …

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Busy Networking in Shenzhen, China

In china business by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Been back in china for a week now after a month in Philippines, what so many people think is im traveling like its vacation! Just when I blogged about how often I blog, I don’t update this for a few days….jeez…. Hahah, this is not a holiday! I guess because im mainly working on a budget (bootstrapping) i always gotta …