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Christmas in Shenzhen, China, 2021

In blog, family friends, vlog by Michael Michelini

Moving past 2021 and into the new year means passing through Christmas! Here in China you never really get the Christmas feel, but with kids it is unavoidable – ha! The school and kids pep them up and I felt a bit guilty this year not getting a big Christmas tree for our apartment. Eventually though, the kids finally accepted …

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Leadership Traits

In blog, motivation by Michael Michelini

People don’t follow people who are not confident. Don’t WAVER with your decisions. Be fair and respectful to retain the respect of others. If you cannot control yourself, how can you influence others? Plan your work and work your plan! Don’t move by guesswork, else your ship will end up on the rocks. Go above and beyond all the time. …

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NowShenzhen Re-Launch: Making It Happen

In blog, china business, Events by Michael Michelini

As we come to a wrap on the year 2021, one big project we’ve been working on is taking over the site NowShenzhen (formally known as Shenzhen Party) that started this past summer. After tons of rebuilding, reworking, and analysis, the new site (we call it version 1.5) is live and we decided that what better way to get people …

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Preparing Disaster Recovery Processes + Rainy Day Funds

In now by Michael Michelini

We survived, 2021, another insane year with chaos and change. But with chaos comes opportunity and we are working as best we can to adjust and change for the new normal Still post-typhoon nightmare – but much better than last week. Working towards disaster recovery process, backups for all roles, and a rainy day fund.

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7-Day Mountain Temple Experience Recap

In travel by Michael Michelini

No video blog, no photos today of the actual experience, sorry. Just have this one photo of the map I took while hiking one of the mountains in case I got lost (which I did anyway – but what is it to be lost in reality anyway?) Like many things in life, I wish I had done this earlier. My …