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Book Review- Startupland

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I was fortunate enough to attend Mikkel Svane’s (Zendesk founder and CEO) presentation of his startup journey founding the company in Denmark to relocating to SF and the recent IPO. I’m really happy he also stopped by Shenzhen on his China visit – as a lot of people are unaware of the size and ability of the tech community here. …

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Taking the Fam to America! USA trip in September

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I’m excited to say that I am taking Miles to USA for the first time! We booked the flights for September and Wendy, Miles, and I will be cramming onto an international flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco! International Flight Details So I booked it for September 11 and will stick in the States until about the end of …

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Video: Why Did I Come to China?

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I’m playing around with videos and thought I would make one with Miles again and share why I came to China in the first place. This is such a common question may as well share it with everyone and refer people to this video to get the story straight once and for all. I never thought I would live in …

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The Full Chinese Family Here

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Happy Sunday morning! Sneaking some time away from family this morning to update about the newest addition to my home here in Shenzhen – my mother in law moved in last Sunday. She came down from Shenyang and we have been discussing this for months. After Miles was born, a lot of the family went back to hometown, leaving my …

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Breaking San Francisco News

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One of many Breaking News city sites that aggregate the best Twitter feeds in a city by category: news, events, shopping, food, etc. Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, London, Toronto. See one of the sites for a list of all cities. Click here to visit Breaking San Francisco News