Start a Blog

Want to start your own blog and not sure the best way to do so? Want to make it something you can grow as you and your business grows?

Here are the steps I would give you for just getting started (this may be basic for those who have been doing blogging for a while – it is meant for those newbies!)

Pick a Domain Name

Now, you could save the 15 bucks a year and use a subdomain on (like but that is very short term thinking. If you are at all serious about blogging, you will get your own domain name.

I have a domain registrar service if you’d like to buy a domain with my company at Shadstone Limited in certain cases. I also can help you get setup with 2 free email accounts as part of the fee.

Get Hosting

The second step is – you need a “server” (don’t get scared!) – its basically a hard drive on the internet so that people can open your website when your computer is off (that is how I like to think about it!). Way back when, my friends had servers at their house which was basically their computer being on all the time!

Nowadays servers / hosting are very cheap and if you’re on a budget – Bluehost is a great option. It has the ability for you to install wordpress (blog software) right in their admin system without having to do anything technical. Another option is WPengine which is more expensive but you can sleep at night knowing that it is automatically backed up each day.

Install WordPress

If you get a hosting service (that isn’t Bluehost or WPengine) then you’ll have to download code from their website and then install it on your web hosting (server). If you’re not at all familiar with this, you can pay someone a small fee on or other freelancer websites, ask your friends, or ask a professional consultant (like our company) to get that going.

Get Email On Your Blog

Can also get your own email if you’d like. If you use my domain registration service, you’ll get 2 free email accounts (win!) but if you use Godaddy or other registrars they always have an email package you can buy.

The ultimate one is Google Apps (Think its called G Suite now) – but again it is a bit pricey if you are just stating out – at 5 bucks am month per email (user account).

Customize Your Blog’s theme

Now, you’ll need to start to build out your blog so it doesn’t look like the default wordpress installation theme. They have tons of free themes inside their directory and I recommend you just do that for the beginning.

Pick one you like – and get to the real work – making content!

Start Blogging!

That is really it. I mean, sure, we can go into advanced SEO techniques for optimizing your wordpress blog – but the main point here is you get blog content going.

Start to share your journey – of you and/or your business. Try to focus the blog on 1 or 2 topics. This is what will drive real value and followers to your blog – as they know what to expect when they come. Don’t look at Mike’s blog for inspiration on that – we talk about everything here and there isn’t much focus at all, ha!

Its an Ongoing Process

So that is it – realize that this is an ongoing process and always learn and adjust. No one got it perfect – look at other blogs and their first blog posts. The key to their success was that they just kept on going!

Want To Work Together?

Does this sound interesting to you? Want to work with a consulting company who can help you do this from start to finish? We have various packages you can choose from here.

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