Maybe Being Open on this Blog is Helping!

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Many times I have gone back and forth with myself about how open to be about my business, my life on the internet. It does get a bit scary when I meet people for the first time, and they know so much about me already….and I have no idea who they are! Yet they immediately have more trust and care for me, and ideas on how we can work together or help each other. Maybe this is the future, and I am hopefully ahead of the curve.

Here is today’s chatlog with Joan, from the factory / warehouse in Dong Guan I met on MSN and she gave me these ideas – I’ll share the parts of the chat here:

Joan says
it seems that you r interested on the way of our company is going
from your blog…
Michael Michelini says
sure, haha
u read it
Joan says
yes, i read it . and can feel something there… r a good person who speak true in blog
Michael Michelini says
sometimes people say i should not blog
at least not be so open
Joan says
Michael Michelini says
people can see my weakness ?
thts what they say
Joan says
but do you think sometimes your blog can let others know you more
and may bring your chances…
if make friends, don’t like to be with the one who is a false ppl with false words…..boring
Michael Michelini says
haha, wow cool Joan
Joan says
every ppl have good point and weekness…..true…..but you r value to the ppl who appreciate who u r ….
Michael Michelini says
maybe i blog about this topic, i like that
Joan says
woo….glad to hear that
i said true as well
Michael Michelini says
yes, this has been my attitude for years now
not to hide who i am
Joan says
yes…..just be who you r.
Michael Michelini says
and if i lose friends or business from it, then it was not a strong relationship anyway
Joan says
yes….better to know earlier

It is amazing that people find my blog, I do mention I blog, and maybe others google my name to research more about me online. I have been told not to JUMP at opportunities, to hide my interest, to make it seem hard to get my attention. But why? What is the point? Sure, maybe it helps manipulate more…but today’s world is changing, with the internet and social media – I want to embrace it.

Well, this chat with Joan inspired me to follow up with my thoughts of worrying about being too open on my blog. Maybe Joan is right, and its helping allow people to HELP me. Not hurt me..

THOUGH…maybe there are competitors, or people I may have upset in the past, watching, reading, loathing to find a chance to pounce. Well, then I feel sorry for them, because that is a pretty sad way to live, right?

So I’ll keep on bloggin’ away.

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  1. The most dangerous man is not supposed to be the one opens himself to others rather the one hides his weakness and shows the good aspect only …it’s daring to express yourself truly,Mike,i admire and appreciate it…so just keep on trucking…

    1. Author

      yea Leila, seems even more true in Chinese culture ….as especially Chinese guys tell me I am stupid to be so eager and so open online…

      But yea, i’ll keep on trucking, and see where the story takes me. 😉

  2. Actually I feel with you being so open here, that I know you ten times better in just a short period of time. I think it creates a vibe between people that lets you connect with them on a special level. While being open is just a small part, I believe its your personality, your style of writing and that you’re a good guy, combined together that really connects you with people.

    1. Author

      wow, thanks dude!! this is great to hear, especially from you!

      but i do agree, maybe it takes certain personality types to be as open as I am….and i definitely feel this fits within my “zone” ….I love to be a connector…

  3. Very true, it is not the words, but the feeling in words which counts a lot. Sometimes, you got touched by the spirit and the passion within the lines. That’s also why I started blogging — to get the very-important-emotions connected with other people and let my mind speak up — as a way to achieve a higher level of knowing-each-other. =] We cant expect everyone like the way we do things, as soon as we’re being ourselves as good beings, the rest doesnt matter a lot.

    Mike! I wish you all the best! =]

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