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Reducing Our Requirements for Material Things (Living with Less “stuff”, more Love)

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Minimalism is always something I have been fascinated with since I moved down to Manila, Philippines from China in 2009/2010 for an interesting year of commute between the countries. Moving always makes us realize – why do we need all this stuff. I’m blessed my wife is on the same page – and while we have just moved into a …

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Time for the World To Wake Up

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Here’s my review of Laurence’s book, who we we’re lucky to have on the Global From Asia podcast. (listen here) The book title is “A Time For Shambhala” but another name could be “A Time For the World to Wake up”. No, not for politicians and leaders to wake up – but for the “average” human being. The book inspired …

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True Passion – Sharing and Teaching People How to Earn a Living

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“Back at it” – The Alpha Rock Capital partners have let me loose and to do what my passion is – to share and spread the good word. Alexa and I took a trip to Quezon City (my old home from 2010!) to speak at Ace and Andi Estrada’s Manila Mastermind e-commerce event. A few hundred attendees there, all local …

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Already Starting 2020 New Year Resolutions

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Working hard here on planning for the new year. 2019 flew by – as every year. And years will FLY by. That is why we need to take the “bull by the horns” (haven’t used that one in a while) and make it happen. I have some amazing 2020 Trello Boards from Monique and I will do my best …

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Hard Talks Is What Defines Us

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Having The Hard Talks And Facing Challenges Is What Makes You Stronger As the Cross Border Summit approaches in a couple days, and as I am in the middle of DCBKK conference in Bangkok – a lot of intense talks and situations where you need to make hard decisions with limited input and time. Friends remind me that these are …

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Making a Bigger Impact

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Making a bigger impact. Donald Trump, the man with even more attention than he did in the TV days – one quote I really like from him is: If you’re doing to do something, do it big! A quote I am trying to live by more. It is true, if you are going to do a business, why aim small? …