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Preparing For More Travels – 1 Month Back In China

In china business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

It sounds really cool, but it does get exhausting! Tuesday afternoon I’m flying back to Hong Kong. What is even more wild is I’m not sure where I’ll be sleeping on Tuesday night – Hong Kong, Shenzhen, or Zhongshan, as there are a few projects and schedules I need to firm up tomorrow. Can’t believe its almost been a month …

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Issue of “Mixing” different types of friends

In family friends by Michael Michelini15 Comments

This title may be a bit strange, but it has come up a few times to me privately. I like to think of myself as a pretty approachable and friendly guy, an open networker. Because of this, I often introduce various friends to other groups of friends. As my contacts are sometimes of various extremes, in either financial, cultural, or …

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Everyone “fails”, Even Google, Stay Motivated!

In business, motivation by Michael Michelini4 Comments

As I have said, I don’t believe in people FAILING, I think its part of growing, gaining experience, and finding what we are really meant to be and do with our lives. Losing something might be positive, as they say in China. Many people only think “small businesses” or startups fail. But while working in Deutsche Bank, there many internal …

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Dealing with Negative People, Negative Energy

In motivation by Michael Michelini11 Comments

My whole life, I have had different forms of negative people and negative energy around me, I think we all have. I am going to go through a few I can remember 1) Freshman year of high school – running for class president – As in previous posts, I reluctantly went to a small catholic high school rather then the …

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Comparing Asian To Western Child Upbringing

In family friends by Michael Michelini6 Comments

hey, i’m DEFINITELY not an expert or have any experience in raising a child (god willing, hope to one day) but I thought I would just reflect on what I’ve noticed the past few years in China and now in Philippines about child upbringing to what I know and have experienced in America and heard from friends in most of …

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Does Our Name, our Email, our password make us who we are?

In motivation by Michael Michelini1 Comment

What shapes us as individuals? Sure, I’ve read books that we are products of our environment but its what we do each and every day OURSELVES that creates who we are too. In today’s digital world, one thing most of us do each day is LOGIN online, to our computers, our emails, etc. These are things we have control over, …

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Time to Add A Bit “Commercial” to my blog

In business by Michael Michelini3 Comments

I’ve always hesitated to do too much self promotion on my personal blog….but recently after so many people seem to be confused on what I do for a living, and the recent EXPLOSION of “personal branding” and the convergence of personal lives and professional lives, I decided to add some small banner ads on the right side here on my …

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Typhoon Coming, Electricity Already Blown Out Once

In philippines business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

I’m going to experience a typhoon while down here in Philippines. Its on its way now, and the electricity here has already blown out once an hour ago, but popped back on recently. Again, I think this is a big reason there isn’t more foreign investment in this country – its INFRASTRUCTURE! When I was at Deutsche Bank, and management …