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New Twitter Design – Twitter Layouts

In travel, Twitter Tools by Michael Michelini

Your Twitter profiles are going to witness a humongous change. A change that will blow your mind away! Twitter is, at present, implementing a profile redesign for all users. The new design is geared towards focusing on the brilliant content that you share on Twitter. This redesign is likely to open new vistas that can help brands and business enterprises …

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Visiting a Buddy’s Factory in China – Mike’s Blog 067

In vlog by Michael Michelini2 Comments

My friend Wilson, met back in Startup Weekend China days in 2010/2011 timeframe and we’ve become good friends. He helped a lot organize a ton of those events, and has also helped me organize last year’s Cross Border Summit. All these years he has asked me to come visit him in his hometown in Chaozhou city – a couple hours …

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How to Use Twitter for Beginners

In social media, travel by Michael Michelini

The most useful thing in order to enhance the visibility of my brand has been learning how to use Twitter. Twitter provides us the luxury of overcoming geographical boundaries. Through it, we can get our message across millions of users all over the world. I want to guide you so that you are able to disseminate your  message via Twitter …

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Stuck in China – Mike’s blog 064

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So, been disappointed to see Casey Neistat has stopped his daily vlog! But I’ll keep this going – and its kinda boring now – I’m stuck without a passport in China as I renew my China visa for the next year. Hope it goes through without a problem!

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Making Blogs For My Kids

In family friends by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

So, I bought their domain names as soon as they were born, but never really setup the website. This is for a couple reasons, one I was so busy, and the other because many of my friends say it is not good to put your kids on the internet. I have convinced myself that they are going to thank me …