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Want to ask Mike about internet marketing and other business tools he uses? We put together this page as a great starting point to get your answers on the tools and methods for maximizing your internet marketing and business performance.

What are the resources you are using for your online marketing strategy? To have a solid plan is one thing, but there are more and more amazing tools out there to keep our competitive edge. Mike’s marketing tools below will help you filer through the massive selection that exists on the market today.

Broken down by specific marketing speciality category, we have listed various tools Mike and his marketing team have used over the years. As there are multiple options in many cases, some have been switched for others – depending on the size of the marketing campaign and the budget. Please do your own due diligence and try them out. Many have a trial or a short term contract so leverage that when using some of these marketing tools below. Enjoy and we wish you the best success in your online marketing journey.

This is also evolving into a directory of internet marketing resources as time progresses.

Also – Don’t Forget….

Mike has a collection of books and video training he has made over the years for many of your situations.

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Blogging / Websites

What to use for starting your own blog? Mike is a huge fan of wordpress.org and installing it on your own server.

He got a lot of his blogs started on the unlimited plan of Bluehost if you are just getting started out. If you want managed WordPress for multiple WordPress sites, I’d say SiteGround. As you grow, WPengine is a more scalable but expensive solution that Mike uses on some of his bigger websites.

There is also of course Hostgator which actually has a decent WordPress hosting solution (using it on MB!).

A newer one is Cloudways but a bit more technical knowledge required

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E-Commerce Businesses

Selling products online, called e-commerce, is a top people earn a living online. Its something Mike has done since 2004 in various formats from drop shipping to wholesale to manufacturing direct in China. The key here is to start step by step and hopefully either fall in love with the process of e-commerce or the product line you are selling.

Definitely check out my business blog Global From Asia if you’re into e-commerce. Here are some of the resources many use:

Shopify shopping carts

Themeforest templates

For marketing – if you’re open to an affiliate program check out ShareaSale and only pay when you get a customer.

Video Blogging (Vlogging)

A great way to connect with an audience. Mike has his personal v-log for his family and friends to keep up with him (this blog started that way in text format in 2007), but you can also use it for business purposes.

Video really connects with people and builds authority and trust. One of the more difficult content types to create, it is also the one that stands out the most.

Video is the next big thing they say. Want to start your own video blog, or just do more video in general? We have this vlogging gear page to share what tools and techniques we are using now.

Check Out the Vlog Equipment


Another great way to build an audience, connect in an industry, and be an authority. A bit easier than video, and also a fast way to make a lot of long format content.

Want to start your own audio podcast? Not sure what software and services to use? We have a page outlining some of the podcast gear we use here.

Check The Podcast Gear

Internet Marketing

Want to get more exposure for your blog or website? What is a good way to start to grow your traffic and business? We have an extensive free article here on the tools I use for marketing a website or blog.

Also tips on finding editors.

Blog Marketing Tools

Hiring Staff

We all need good people on our team to succeed. Building an online team is a bit different than a traditional office one – requiring you to use more systems and technology – but done right and you can really scale your business while being location independent.

I’m a big fan of Onlinejobs PH but you need to know what you are doing.

I have a program on building and scaling online teams here – Scale By Outsourcing, check it out.

Email Marketing

We have talked about building an audience and keeping in touch with people in these resource items above. How to best keep in touch? Email is normally the clear answer, depending on your audience demographic. Email marketing – also known as building your funnel – is critical to the long term stability and success of your online business. Here are some tools I use myself.

Read my email marketing stack overview here.

Active Campaign

Deadline funnel for great timers in email

Optin Monster for modal popups


Want consulting help on business in China or Asia? Work with Mike and get the attention and answers you need.

Consulting with Mike


Need some motivation in your business? Stuck a bit and need a kick in the butt? We all get there, and Mike has put together some various motivational quotes, poems, and more here.

Get Motivated