WP2Static Review: Protect Your WordPress Sites: Go Static

In by Michael Michelini

Tired of getting spam attacked on your wp-admin?

Or just want to sleep better at night knowing you have your site in static and not on a database driven CMS like WordPress?

For me, I am so happy I converted most of my WordPress sites to static, and today I will give some of the workflow on how I did that.

Hope you can do the same, and feel better knowing your production site is on a rock solid static html version.

Video Tutorial on How I Use WP2Static for Multiple Domain Marketing

Prefer video, I talk about how I host tons of sites – for free – using WP2Static and Netlify!

While IT professionals may see the power of converting WordPress to Static (for security and maintenance issues) – as a marketer I see huge power in this tool! Today I will give a walkthrough on how I use WP2Static to create mini sites all over the web, and have drastically dropped my hosting costs and maintenance costs!

* Moving the WordPress sites to a staging environment
* Password protecting those staging sites
* Signing Up For Netlify free hosting
* Deploying from WP2Static to Netlify
* Making Small Changes on Staging, Updating to Netlify When Needed
* Reflecting on What Has Been Built – Network of Mini Sites, All Secure, All Fast, All on Different IPs via a CDN in Netlify

Resources Mentioned in the Tutorial Video

Download FREE plugin WP2Static to Convert WordPress to StaticDownload Mike’s free Excel spreadsheet for domain tracking to staticLearn about Free Hosting on Netlify here

Need Help With Your WP2Static Installation?

Since starting late 2018 we have been moving hundreds of websites onto WP2Static and have never looked back!

If you would like to have us help you out with your website, we’d love to discuss that. We have various prices and ways to work, if you can fill out the form here, we can help your static site conversion.

Get Help Converting Your Site To Static

Protect Your Websites Long Term By Converting Them To Static

If you’re an internet marketer like me – you probably have quite a few domains. You know – those brilliant ideas we get while watching a movie and slip out our phone and buy a new domain.

Often these domains do turn into websites – with some quick WordPress auto installer script. Plugins, content, theme, boom – we’re gonna be rich.

Then we go back to our main life and the site sites there.

Then – some hacker is running their scripts in Google to find outdated WordPress sites to php inject spam into for their affiliate income.

“Lookie here” the hackers bot says – this website some guy spun up a wordpress site on and left it for us to hack and spam with – let’s do it.


I support your creativity – but if the site isn’t going to be maintained by regularly updating the core, theme, and plugins – CONVERT IT TO STATIC.


So you can sleep at night.

Avoid getting the Google Webmaster Tools to send an email that your site may have been hacked – converting it to static means it is only html – nothing can get hacked. No database, no plugins, no fuss.

I Recommend WP2Static

Full disclosure – this is my friend Leon Stafford – but this guy is the real deal! Working with tons of domainers and SEO dudes around the world for decades, he has seen his fair share of these WordPress networks getting spam bombed and hacked.

That is why Leon made wp2static.com – simply install the plugin, and pull it down as a zip on html. Upload to any cheap server hosting, and you’re done.

There is so much more to it than that – but for now – that will get you rocking and rolling.

With a new version coming soon – I’m excited to have said I’ve converted about 30 of my sites to static with Wp2static and am working on more.

The tricky parts are ecommerce, comments, and anything you’re using that needs a database – such as reviews on this very Mike’s Blog Directory. Do hope to convert this blog to static though someday soon.

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Simply Static Vs WP2Static

Curious of the Differences of WP2Static and Simply Static?

For those searching the WordPress repository, you’ll see 2 main choices for a static conversion tool for WordPress – WP2Static and Simply Static.

Which one should you use? Well first you should make sure they are being updated and maintained with your current version of WordPress and PHP. Once you feel comfortable they will work on your setup, here’s the explanation I have:

Simply Static – it is a great one for a quick and fast way to convert the site. Speaking to Leon (WP2Static) about this personally – he says Simply Static often crawls more “Easily” because it is simple and direct.

WP2Static – a bit more advanced and feature rich. Can adjust more settings, and can have more direct add ons to publish to various hosting providers.

It doesn’t hurt to try them both out. I’d love to hear it as well.

Need help converting your site to static? Consider our done for you service.

Get Help Converting Your Site To Static

helps me sleep better at night

the developer needs to earn a LOT more money helping us all sleep better at night by having our sites on static html. You can do most for free - but can be a bro and upgrade
- Mike Michelini
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