Wendy Michelini

My Wife Wendy

She is awesome, and a great business person to have on your side in China business

Mobile Apps

Working in the Chinese app market for over 10 years in Beijing, she has a ton of on the ground experience for tech companies in China.

China Marketing

Working closely with marketing departments in her mobile app marketplace position, she knows how to create and grow a campaign in China.

Business Development

A full rolodex of high level business executives in China, from investors to startups, she can get you connected with ease.

Team Management

Teaching her husband about KPI targets, team evaluation, and more – she can steer your ship in the right direction.

Consulting Projects

In China Market Entry

Wendy can work closely with you and your team on opening up the Chinese market. Based in Shenzhen, China she is here on the ground for you.

Strategic Advisor

Regular tips and insights

Need a trusted advisor for your China business? Wendy is your go to contact for this. With her experience in China and also working with overseas companies, she knows both sides and will make things smooth for you in the long term.

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