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More Startup Pitching! Echelon Satellite Hong Kong

In hong kong business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

3 pitches in 1 week, talk about intense, last week we went to Singapore to pitch at Startup Asia, today in Hong Kong for this Echelon, and then this Friday for a Shenzhen Innovalley pitch to hundreds of Chinese investors and entrepreneurs! After these 3 pitches, our startup will definitely be on the map! The full details of the Hong …

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Hosting a Seminar at General Assembly on Selling in China via Social Media

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Continuing to educate and add value to the community of Western businesses to do business in China, I will be hosting a seminar with General Assembly in Hong Kong to help businesses learn how to more effectively enter the Chinese market and sell in China via social media. Also realize that is it possible to do so without a local …

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Amazing Experience At Startup Asia in Singapore!

In startup by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Saturday afternoon typing this from a casino lobby in the Resort world, Singapore. So much moneyflow in this city! My first time to Singapore, and man was it an amazing, fast-paced 3 day excursion. I wanted to announce earlier that I was attending / pitching, but the startups selected to pitch at Startup Arena (Tech In Asia’s pitch competition) had …

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Turning 32 – Another year in China

In family friends by Michael Michelini6 Comments

Birthdays are kinda like New Years Day – reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. My focus has gotten much sharper – and I am excited for my 32nd year on this earth. My birthday last year I was going to a ton of events, e-commerce and startups, and doing a bunch of full service consulting …

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4 Tips From my Experience Team Building for Startups

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Those following my startup Social Agent’s blog – I’m so excited to have confirmed a new member to our technical team – Dan from Canada will be a PHP developer with us and has alreadyjumped in head first in the code this week. Its exhilarating. Its about showing your passion, and selling It’s About a Vision, a Mission, and THEN …

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Staying Lean! Focus Group in Hong Kong to listen to Social Agent users!

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Many people think “lean startup” they think cheap, bootstrapping “ramen noodle startup” – well, that may be true too – but actually, lean is all about listening to your users, and building a product that they want! To validate your business model as soon as possible to reduce the time and resources wasted programming (building) a product that people don’t …

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Continuing to Build up the Shenzhen Startup community, launching Startup Digest!

In china business by Michael Michelini4 Comments

A couple weeks ago my friend Peter Choi, the Hong Kong curator of Startup Digest HK sent me a facebook message mentioning he is getting more and more requests from Shenzhen startups and events to post their events and updates. So of course, Shenzhen Peter thinks of me, (I’m honored!). Obviously I’m totally slammed busy with my own startup Social …

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Starting “Open Office Hours” to Connect Better

In business by Michael Michelini3 Comments

As I have been working on my latest venture, Social Agent, one huge difference from previous was the mentorship and feedback I have gotten along the way. From Shanghai to Shenzhen, to Hong Kong then Dalian, Beijing, back to Shanghai. Phone calls, mentor meetings, focus groups. My brain is on overload. An awesome person I have been able to connect …

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Go Shenzhen! Generator 1.0 Product Maker Conference this Saturday Jan 26

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So excited to see so many startup and entrepreneur events in the PRD (pearl river delta). seriously the past couple years I have witnessed co-working spaces, startup cafes, startup weekends, hackerspaces. Its awesome. I am more into the web / software rather than the hardware, but always support all entrepreneurship activities! My friends at Seeed Studio and Haxlr8r are pulling …

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4th Shenzhen Startup Weekend Rocked! All about teamwork

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Couple days have passed since this past weekend’s Shenzhen startup weekend, our 4th official in this city. Over 110 participants, amazing energy and passion, and keeping up with the mission of the Startup weekend NGO – inspiring entrepreneurship. We had mentors from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen – with experiences in tech + business, marketing, sales, and business model generation. …

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Looking to 2013

In china business by Michael Michelini2 Comments

The start of a new year is exciting to everyone. Just like the beginning of a new day, a new week, its another chance. We think of the previous time, think of where we are in life, and make plans for our future year. For me, I think back to my 5 years in China / Asia / entrepreneurship, and …