These Long Flights Always Get Me Thinking

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Currently in a connection in Shanghai, China, and while I don’t think anyone looks forward to these long international flights…this 16 hour flight I have been doing a lot of reflecting….thinking….writing on scratch paper. Talking in my head. Giving myself pep talks. Giving more motivational inspiration on paper….probably because I don’t sleep at all, and the stewardess keeps getting me more and more coffee.
This is what I was rambling down on paper this flight:

Live life only once. Go big or go home
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
You are in complete control of your destiny
Only you can say you give up
BRING IT! How much pain can you withstand? If you can withstand more then others, you will win
Last one standing
Gonna go down swinging. Be a scrapper. Underdog
Catch doubters by surprise
Man in the Arena
Mud in your face, get bloody, hands dirty
I have to get even crazier, more drastic.
But focus on one thing

For once, I am gonna keep it a bit of a secret a few of my next steps / ideas….they aren’t rock solid, and there are a few others I am bargaining with. But I am following my dreams…..trying to find what I am most happy doing…..and focusing most of my attention on 1 thing fully….
I wrote another post, will finish that up on my second leg from Shanghai to Hong Kong and post tomorrow…..but man….I guess the USA trip really forced me to think about future, life, what is and isn’t important….
I know I need to change – EVEN MORE – and I wonder if that is just me….I really don’t think so…but sadly at the same time, I think most people in life don’t make these drastic and crazy changes they need to in order to find true happiness in life. And I believe, fully, that once happiness in what you are doing and living is reached, your full potential can be found.
I also look back….it takes a lot of time to find that…
I remember Doug Eckhart, my friend in Stevens, told me that we have to carefully select the business we start or join when/if we start a company…..because we have to dedicate ourselves fully to it….
That has been the hardest hurdle for me…I want to do everything, but instead I have to find 1 thing, and take a chance and not be afraid to fail.
FINDING OUT WHAT YOU DO NOT LIKE TO DO is important too… you can move on, learn from it, and not get into that situation again.
We can all find excuses why we can’t follow our dreams…maybe money, family, your nationality…..while some of these may be valid, I truly believe the world is making it easier and more transparent for people anywhere in the world to work hard and achieve those dreams…..sure some cultures and countries make it more difficult for their people to be “free” to choose the lives they want to live…but I have met people who have “escaped” those situations and gone the distance.
Anyway, this flight is almost over, about 14 hours into it (amazing China eastern airlines has electricity, so I can run my laptop the whole time, blog blog blog, plan plan plan, reflect….) and I am getting scared but excited about the future. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SETTLE. Your dreams will come…it is sometimes a matter of finding what that really is.

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