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Top Tip For Sourcing From Factories

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“Be the expert for your product.” That was an important tip that Rico Ngoma gave when we talked about sourcing from factories. It’s true, a lot of entrepreneurs rely on the factories for expertise on their products when they should be the first and foremost experts when it comes to their own products. One must conduct research on how a …

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Stay on Top Of Your Relationships with MonicaHQ

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In a world where account shutdowns and data lockouts seem to happen more and more on these social networks, we need to really be more aware of “owning our own data”. We also can’t help but be responsible for others’ data as well, especially for our friends and other relationships. For years, since the late 1990s, I had been finding …

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2020 Year In Review, 2021 “Plans”

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Time for the 2020 Year End Review and 2021 Plan. High res image of Mike and Maggie What a year it has been. Year 2020, I almost want to call the inflection point of “AC/BC” (After COVID, Before COVID). And, next year to not be 2021, but to be “1 AC”. Chatting to a friend about our meeting in Spain …

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Why we still MUST buy from Chinese factories

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With the many sourcing challenges being faced by entrepreneurs, many are wondering if there is a need to look for factories other than in China. There were identified contenders but nothing seems to offer as much as Chinese factories can. What do you think this is? Are you thinking of moving to another factory source? Before you do, check out …

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Speaking at the East x West Online Seller Conference

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East x West, Asia’s Premier Online Conference for Amazon Sellers will be holding its regular gathering of Amazon product owners, sellers and marketers on April 25, 2020. The entire conference will be done virtually by streaming all the live sessions direct to your device. You will have the opportunity to ask speakers questions live as well as participate during the …

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Speaking at Work From Home Initiative Online Forum

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The Free Online Forum last April 20, 2020, hosted by Work From Home Initiative was a very informative and productive one. We discussed the topic, Post-Pandemic: Defining and Preparing for the New Normal. Really learned a lot from this forum. Here are some grabs: Work From Home Initiative will be hosting a Free Online Forum with the topic, Post-Pandemic: Defining …

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Back on The Move – Visiting a Hazmat Suit Factory in Wife’s Hometown

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Less than a week from being released from quarantine, and back on the move. But to be honest, not able to leave the province (like a US state) so easily due to the quarantine process and health check in each province. So we are sticking to finding and visiting factories in the “neighborhood”. We’re lucky to have Wendy’s network and …

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Featured on Fulfillment Bridge for our Loadpipe Group Buy From Factory Startup

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Have not been so overworked in a while – I love the pressure. From pressure and hard work comes value and assistance to the rest of the world. During the last couple weeks of building out group buy from factory direct website, we’ve linked up with Fulfillment Bridge on their mask trading shipping service. They mentioned us on their …

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Drastic Times, Drastic Measures: Mask Trading & Re-launching Sourcing business

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My wife has been pushing me for weeks to do this, and I have been resisting. As always, the wife is always right. We need to change our business models and do what is most needed – for the world and for our businesses. I’m bringing back the old Shadstone Sourcing trading business – – and will be focusing …

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Company Retreat in Bohol Turned Operation: Evacuation

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Writing this up from my hotel room in Bohol under much different circumstances than I expected for our team retreat. Rushing to the airport on Thursday, Marc told me that Manila is considering going on full lockdown. I wasn’t sure if I could make my flight before the lockdown was announced or what would even happen. Flight went like normal …