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Many Changes Coming for Internet Marketing

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I remember first hearing about google in the year 2000, how everyone said it was so amazing and quick and relevant…we were tired of altavista and ask jeeves or other search engines that had to search again and again, going through pages and pages of crap to get to the answer or site we were looking for. So people just …

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test video from my tablet

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testing video recording from my tablet and uploading directly to my wordpress blog… is blowing my mind right now seems error…wordpress says i need to upload to…. my friend said i should use tumblr instead

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Quick Motivational Email From My Dad

In motivation by Michael Michelini4 Comments

I guess I am already “successful” depending on how you define it, we all are if we accept the person we are, and utilize our strengths and offset our weaknesses with good people. But why is there this constant internal pressure to “prove ourselves” to our family and to the world? I have been so much busier then in my …

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China Is Open Again – End of Chinese New Years

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Woke up bright and early Thursday morning (6:30am) to head from Hong Kong over to Dong Guan, China to the Five Islands ecommerce center. I don’t mean to be an ignorant foreigner in China….but this holiday is annoying to me…..its just so long…………..I am a workaholic…..I am an “entrepreneur”…..and one half of my business is closed down, while the buy …

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Welcome back from Chinese New Year! Our Ushi group

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We hope everyone had a great Chinese New Year holiday.  CC Lo has been working hard promoting our next event on and here are some of those attending! 常晓宇PCH quality director Eldon QI Federal Capital Management Inc. Investment Manager 李杨宽 深圳市明佳精密模型有限公司 市场营销策划 SZ LOFT 文化产品进出口行业协会 新媒体专业委员会 Jerry Bao Vice President, Sales & Marketing Department Manager 戴杰 (Jack Day) 资深国际投资银行家与金融理财专家 …

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So Much Networking In Hong Kong – Startup meetings

In hong kong business by Michael Michelini4 Comments

Sorry I’m behind on my blogging….just exhausting between the moving in to Hong Kong, the Chinese New Years holiday, and the hyperactive networking I’ve been doing in Hong Kong… friend Cat warned me yesterday to be careful in Hong Kong….you can spend all your time networking and have to prioritize. But tonight, as much as I wanted to go to …

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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit

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My 4th Chinese New Years while in Asia, and my first one while in Hong Kong. I am excited for the upcoming year…..the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar. Its a lucky year, I don’t know what it is, but in Western and Asian culture they see rabbits as lucky. The are small, fast, cute little buggers, right? …

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Find Us On Facebook!

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Yes….everyone has facebook….and we at the Shenzhen internet marketing group have also made our facebook page – feel free to become a member here and get updates and discussions there shenzhen internet marketing group –>

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Living In Hong Kong – Life in Fast Forward

In china business by Michael Michelini7 Comments

Jeez, if you told me a few months ago I’d be living in Hong Kong, I say you’re crazy. But keeping an open mind, networking, STAYING POSITIVE, we all find our path in life. Just rented an apartment the other night here in Hong Kong, in Tin Hau district (next to Causeway bay, on Hong Kong Island). Small apartment (basically …

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Go Big or Go Home (The Journey Onwards)

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These blue Chinese moving trucks always bring back memories of my hardships and travels doing business in China. They represent the times I had to box up my belongings, my office equipment, and various Chinese staff at the time, to move from one location to another. Sometimes it was due to positive business developments, other times it was to “shelter …

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Looking Back to When I was 2 years old….now ending up in China

In china business, usa by Michael Michelini13 Comments

Inside the Chinese warehouse office, the past couple days there has been new road construction right outside….with trucks paving and construction workers taking breaks right outside the gates. I took a walk to get some fresh air from being in the office….in this blog you’ll see a quick snapshot I took with my mobile. Taking that walk, getting that air….and …

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Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

In social media by Michael Michelini3 Comments

While it is scary to see people ALWAYS on their mobile phone…I find it hard to believe it is making us “anti-social”…..Marshall sent me over an article I thought would be worth blogging about…..Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US below is a basic idea of what its about: Turkle’s thesis is simple: technology is threatening …