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Why Writing a Book Is Awesome + Hong Kong Sightings VLOG012

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Love you guys – getting great feedback just a couple days after putting online. Met some of my good friends in Hong Kong to get some testimonials – and also randomly walking around in Wan Chai and Central district for a bit of people watching! Book is free on Amazon until Friday make sure you grab it – and …

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Welcome Baby Maggie to the World – VLOG010

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Been a bit longer than usual since my last blog. Because I’ve been anxiously awaiting to finish this video blog – Maggie’s birth! Business and life has been on a standstill – much different experience than my first son’s birth. So this video is a bit more personal, but some action shots in Hong Kong and Shenzhen as usual. Maggie …

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Anxiously Awaiting Baby Maggie…!!

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Saturday morning as I type this up. Been waiting a few days for the baby to come. Second baby so I should be used to this right? Nope. Still. Nerve racking as the first. This one is a bit of a different situation, it is more of a slow process. Trying To Still Keep On Work Track Doing your own …

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Motivation JOLT from Mark Cuban

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Something inside of me is “hungry” again. It was about a year or so since I had this hunger. Maybe it is life is getting more clear for me. Maybe its having a second kid. But I’m ready to rumble more than ever this year. Quote from Mark Cuban Instagram has turned into a motivational quote feed for me. Yes, …

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Mountain Biking in Buji, Shenzhen, China VLOG008

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Weekend biking in the outskirts of Shenzhen around the water reservoir up mountains. A good time w/ Mike Bellamy, CEO of Passage Maker China ( and Neale O’Connor from then I headed off to Hong Kong for the few days I’ll be here. May get called back to Shenzhen pretty quick depending on how it goes w/….well we’ll talk …

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First Grind Report, December 2015 Productivity Results

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Grind report, yes! Grinding as in working hard, day in and day out. No excuses, no complaining. This is a monthly report I’m going to start doing that will keep me accountable for being productive and effective in my work ethic. What Is a Grind Report? So you’re wondering, what is this grind report? In my last blog post I …

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Flamingos in Hong Kong – VLOG007

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Still in Hong Kong, missing Miles – but took a break from the banks and government offices to stop and see the Flamingos! A bunch of friends who have known Hong Kong for years didn’t even know these guys existed. Enjoy! Plus I took the border crossing back to Shenzhen – did I catch Miles in time before he went …