Domains are awesome. They are your home on the internet.

Why Buy A Domain Name?

Before we dive so deep into the process of securing a domain, many ask why even bother? With social media around and Medium blogging platform – who really needs to spend time making a blog and money with a domain and hosting.

Well, for me it is super obvious – it is similar to the concept of buying or renting a house. Yes, buying a house is more upfront investment and there is maintenance and certain risks that it may go down. That is what an investment is – a certain risk for hopes of earning more in the future.

Yet putting all your content and your time building up on a “rented” space (such as a free blog, blogger blogspot, Medium, Facebook posts, etc) is even more risky – as you ultimately have no control of the content. And do any of us really read the terms and conditions of what we are signing up for? To be honest, I haven’t either (and 99% sure you haven’t either) – but all I know is if you look at stories like Myspace closing down or even Google+ – what happens? You get an email that you have a couple months to export your data and that things will be winding down.

I have exported the data – and it is not exactly easy to use and port to another place. It means that all that hard work you spent creating that content and that knowledge is thrown away.

If you invested on building your own “Domain” and website, that content is yours for as long as you can keep the lights on. Costs are reasonable, and hosting and technology nowadays is cheap and backups are built it half the time.

Make sense?

What is your goal?

My Friend Lammy Had An Opportunity

A friend of mine Lammy is a great example. A socialite, always at the best parties in Hong Kong and conceding people. She was using Facebook for everything. I begged her to setup her own domain and website – had some great ideas for a name and branding image. But she said everyone is on Facebook, why bother? Yet, as soon as she stopped posting (she got busy) all that content – basically is buried in the feed. If she had ALSO put that content on a blog, Google and other sources of traffic would be feeding to it and by now she could have a team and a business running without her involved.

Worry About the Renewal Costs? Buy The Domain For 10 years Upfront

Others worry they need to pay every year. Some worry they may forget and lose the domain. Fair enough, it is worrisome (although I can help you with our domain service, more on that later).

One solution a friend Andy R did was he bought the domain for his company 10 years upfront. Sure, it is possible. Many just do the minimum requirement of paying for 1 year and renewing a year later. That is annoying and you do feel like each year are you really getting the value of it?

So just “bite the bullet” as they say and invest in 1 year upfront.

Buying and selling of domain names

Are you looking to buy or sell domains? We have a list of domains here that we are currently offering. Also we are open to hearing your offer to buy domains that you have.

I have always enjoyed collecting and trading, since i was young – matchbox cars, baseball cards, magic cards (yea, dorky…i know!), matchbooks, lighters, all that fun stuff.

Currently in my life, I have gotten a love to buy, sell, and trade domain names. Researching it a lot, and have built quite a collection over time. Sure i have sold / traded away some that i liked, or even was emotionally attached to, but i am learning, that is life and that is business.

So, I hesitate to list online my full portfolio of domains, but if your are serious in buying, send me a note.

Also, if you have a domain or website you would consider selling, let me know and i will take a look!

How Does a Domain Transfer Work?

Are you buying or selling a domain and not sure how the process works?

There are basically 2 different ways it works

Method 1 (easier) – if it is in the same registrar account

If you are transferring from one Godaddy to another, or one Namecheap to another (those are the most common ones) – or any registrar to the same one – it is just updating their internal records. Each will have their own policy and you do not need to pay for another year for the domain (usually).

Search online for “how do I transfer a domain between _____ accounts” (godaddy, namecheap, dreamhost, etc) to get the latest steps.

Method 2 (more complex) – if it is from 1 registrar to another

If you are transferring from Godaddy to Namecheap, or our to your Dreamhost, then it is a bit more complicated.

You’ll need the domain secret key (authorization code) and then you will BUY another year of the domain at your domain registrar (paying their domain fee) and then inputting the domain secret key.

There will be some approval on the person transferring (selling) the domain and then you will need them to click the links / approve / unlock the domain transfer.

The process can take up to 1 week from start to confirming it in your account.

We Have A Domain Registration Service For You!

This blog has grown up and we have gotten enough domains that we are now able to help people register domains!

You can check it out at and register there – super decent price with the added bonus of 2 free email accounts and a great support network here at Mike’s Blog.


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  2. Hi Mike,

    It just so happens that I am selling OddCrimes.Com along with permanent access to,, and The domain is listed at Godaddy and in auction on ebay. Not only is the name easy to remember, spelled correctly and descriptive of content, the domain has been live for 9 years and has a safe reputation, although there has never been an advertising campaign – coding is my hobby and OddCrimes has been my hobby website. The longevity of the name increases its recognizability, and the safe reputation only aids rebranding.

    Thanks for making a place for me to relay this information!

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