Buying and selling of domain names

Are you looking to buy or sell domains? We have a list of domains here that we are currently offering. Also we are open to hearing your offer to buy domains that you have.

I have always enoyed collecting and trading, since i was young – matchbox cars, baseball cards, magic cards (yea, dorky..i know!), matchbooks, lighters, all that fun stuff.

Currently in my life, i have gotten a love to buy, sell, and trade domain names. Researching it a lot, and have built quite a collection over time. Sure i have sold / traded away some that i liked, or even was emotionally attached to, but i am learning, that is life and that is business.

So, i hestitate to list online my full portfolio of domains, but if your are serious in buying, send me a note.

Also, if you have a domain or website you would consider selling, let me know and i will take a look!

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Hi Mike, It just so happens that I am selling OddCrimes.Com along with permanent access to,, and The domain is listed at Godaddy and in auction on ebay. Not only is the name easy to remember, spelled correctly and descriptive of content, the domain has been live for 9 years and has a safe reputation, although there has never been an advertising campaign – coding is my hobby and OddCrimes has been my hobby website. The longevity of the name increases its recognizability, and the safe reputation only aids rebranding. Thanks for making a place for me… Read more »