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Another Trip to Guangzhou Canton Fair

In china business by Michael Michelini21 Comments

Been to Canton fair a few years now, thinking about my 2008 canton fair trip here. The Canton Fair is the biggest trade fair for Chinese factories to meet foreign buyers. Its held 2 times a year, in the spring (where we are now…) and then again in the fall. I met up with Larry who has his iphone app …

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9 Ways I’ve Become More Patient In China

In china business by Michael Michelini15 Comments

Took a few years but i am finally “broken in”… was something expats here told me would happen the longer i stayed here…..and I didn’t believe them! stop resisting and just let go. China is China, and its not going to change for some stupid white barbarian guy coming here. My last post I promised I would talk about comparing …

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Feel More Equipped, More Professional Then Ever

In business, travel by Michael Michelini2 Comments

maybe its my turning 30, the fact that i have made commitments to my career and basic geographical location…and getting used to being in the constant moving….I am constantly having an internal battle about why I am traveling so much….its exhausting, but I think its important to what I’m trying to do….bridge cultures and connect people. Its the life I …

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Foursquare Day Hong Kong #4sqhk – Social Media Continues Growth!

In hong kong business, social media by Michael Michelini2 Comments

I think foursquare is my favorite social media brand….It just seems to have a nice, warm fuzzy feeling about it that makes you get addicted to getting points, badges, chatting it up with your friends about locations you are going to or have been, and reading tips from complete strangers in new venues when you arrive. Today was “Foursquare Day” …

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4th Shenzhen Ecommerce Meetup

In Events, News by Michael Michelini1 Comment

The 4th meetup to be on Saturday May 14, The Shenzhen Internet Marketing Group is organizing a meetup on Saturday afternoon, May 14, in the afternoon from 1pm to approx 5 or 6pm. 1) cost – its FREE. the room is given to us for free from King Dee cmpany, and speakers are doing it as volunteers.  2) Directions, there …

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Survey for the 3rd Shenzhen E-commerce Meet-up

In Events, News by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Dear attendees of last Saturday’s 3rd Shenzhen Ecommerce Meeting, As promised, we are sending out this email to get more feedback from you guys on what you want from this Kindly take this short survey, link as follows: You can check the video for the 3rd meet up and the updated information regarding next event on the following …

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Featured on Chinese Tech News – Twitter vs. Weibo

In china business, china seo by Michael Michelini5 Comments

While some may not believe, I survived to successfully enter China and speak about Twitter and Facebook promotion (amazing because the government forbids and blocks it). But Chinese businesses that need foreign customers (ie export businesses) NEED TO USE TWITTER AND FACEBOOK. Flat out, no questions asked, more and more, you need social media in order to compete in today’s …

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Making My Mother Cry

In family friends by Michael Michelini12 Comments

I think mothers always get a bit emotional during their child’s birthdays…remembering the birth and thinking how their son/daughter has grown over time. When I used to live at home on my birthday, my mom would put out photo albums of my birth date at the hospital and my early days growing up, the albums being left open on the …

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Do We All Live Fair Tales Lives?

In motivation by Michael Michelini5 Comments

I remember Braveheart was one of my favorite movies, a boy who due to his father’s death in battle while he was young, had to leave his hometown to live with his uncle far away. But this allowed him to learn much more, experience much more…expand his horizons. When he got older, “became a man”, he returned to his hometown. …

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Successful 3rd meetup, looking forward to #4

In Events, News by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the 3rd Shenzhen ecommerce / internet marketing meetup. It was a bit smaller than the 2nd, but we aimed for it to be smaller so that we can be more “intimate” Attendance was approximately 50 people, this time it was all in English (we wanted to save time from translating each presentation, …

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How to Create An Ecommerce Shop for Under $150usd

In How To Guides by Michael MicheliniLeave a Comment

This was presented at the 3rd meetup in Shenzhen by Nik. Here is in English and chinese: 如何花费不到150美金建立一个电子商务网站 In next few steps you will see we can still do it and compete with the big guys 在接下来的几个步骤,你会看到我们仍然可以做到这一点和竞争的大家伙 step1: Buy a Domain if you search the internet enough you will see it costs around9-12美金. anything lower than 8美金 is a trick …