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Philippines – So Beautiful yet such political + economical problems

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Last full day in Philippines, next step is Thailand. It still amazes me, Philippines is such a beautiful country…and the people are generally so nice and friendly… is it possible its under such difficult political and economical conditions…. for example, our beach house this morning didn’t have power for a few hours….and this is a normal issue. Another issue is …

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Snorkeling in Puerto Galera Philippines

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Finally have a bit of destressing on this trip. Many think this is like a vacation to me, but really the past couple weeks traveling have been almost purely business!!! And the stressful preparations for the Xiamen internet show, and booth, was really insane. Not to mention dealing with website problems for some ecommerce stores and warehouse systems along the …

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Video of the Traffic and Streets of Manila

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posted this on facebook too, but for those in China, where facebook is blocked, I thought i would quickly upload this here on my blog. Maybe I’ll try to post more videos in addition to photos, I was trying to get good photos of the environment here, but only a video can really capture it. enjoy! ( update Aug 2014 …

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International Business – Forcing things to work

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Writing this at 5am walking down a sides street in makati, manila, Philippines from my mobile phone…..still blows my mind the drastic changes in climate, economics, and culture in 1 country or region to the next,,,,,and makes me realize how sheltered i grew up in safe and secure us of america! but really, like i title this blog, business is …

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Still Feel I’m holding myself back

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Another day in Xiamen, visited some ecommerce and sourcing people, hoping to grow some connections here and get to know the city more. Most of the others from the trade show left on Sunday, almost immediately after the trade show ended…..not giving one extra day before or after to see the city. Maybe I used to be like that, short …

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Connection of China and USA Internet

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Its become my passion, connecting the USA and Chinese ecommerce. Being in China over a couple years now….and fighting both sides – US ebay accounts requiring a USA IP address, Chinese government banning certain foreign websites, VPNs, international shipping without tracking, chargebacks, duties, trademarks….. I am so attracted to it because SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF IT. That means …

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In Xiamen – SMX Internet Trade Show

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Arrived in Xiamen yesterday, Jojo booked me a flight at 7:40am – so I arrived here bright and early to prepare for today’s Chinese Search Marketing Expo. This year I prepared a booth and a speech – about how to sell directly in the USA market. As chinese companies need to become more competitive in today’s difficult economic environment (falling …

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So Busy In Shanghai…..this city is great

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I know its better past due for a blog post…I was doing great making regular posts….but I’m on business travel now…..and I seem to be on a roll….. jamming in at least 3 business meetings a day, and shanghai is not a small city!! So seems some days I bounce from one side to the other in a crazy , …

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In Ningbo – Now I understand why businessmen are so old

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I definitely underestimated what it takes to start a business……i figured i had some customers, some cash saved up, the rest would work out…..hahaha, 3 years later (from Shadstone beginning, 6 if you count from newyorkbarstore beginning), the struggle continues….. This is my countless times in a factory in the Ningbo area (yuyao, ningbo, yong kang – all over Zhejiang …

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American Companies Don’t Feel Welcome in China anymore?

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Also while watching CNN in hong kong today….they discussed a poll about more and more american companies frustrated doing business in china….the numbers were almost 30percent as of feb 2010 I can admit….i have always had trouble but in a way i believe / feel it is also because the cultural differences….not a positive or a negative feeling, just that …

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Google Redirect Out of China

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So I am spending a day in Hong Kong….got more passport pages at the US Consulate….I’m watching CNN, was pretty cool as I haven’t watched it in years… See reports about Google “uncensoring” its results……by sending to – which is basically going to Hong Kong search engine. To me – that means THEY LEFT CHINA. For those of …