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New Life (blogger + investor)

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Adjusting to the Life of Blogger and Investor With the recent news of selling Sisitano to Alpha Rock Capital – an Amazon FBA acquisitions firm, and joining as Director of Business Development – I am now a blogger, podcaster, and investor.  Being on the other side of the table, I do miss being an entreprener. Yet I am already helping …

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Kids Back To School (what its all about these days)

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My Kindergarten Kids – Maggie and Miles Growing Up Life is seriously flying by. Both the kids are now in proper studies. Their English is 10x when it was this time last year – moving over from Shenzhen, China overpaying and getting less quality. Hope my kids learn from this. Don’t just settle. Don’t just stay where you are because …

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Back in Relaxing Chiang Mai (for now, at least)

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Back in relaxing Chiang Mai. Going through Hong Kong airport now feels like a war zone in a way. Water barricades up everywhere, security, police, student volunteers explaining to passengers you need to show your boarding pass in order to enter the airport. Sad, such an organized and top class part of the world is under such huge pressure. I …

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I have a fan!

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On my quick and under the radar trip to Shenzhen, China (I”m not actively promoting my travel and updates on social media so much, only a bit for anyone who happens to read this blog) – I bumped Robert.  We chatted for a few minutes, and he snapped a selfie. World travelers, we discussed quickly friends around the globe, and …

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Opportunitree: Kid’s Book on Learning About Money

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Just received my copy of Opportuni-tree – a business book about money for kids! A couple reasons: 1) My kids need to learn about money – so they can start to earn it 2) My buddy Adam the author of this book is finally taking his passion for art and making it into an online business and I am happy …

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Lead An Interesting Life

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Leading a Pretty Interesting Life Typing this up on my lap in a cramped HK Express flight from Hong Kong to Chiang Mai. Spent a few days in China, paranoid to get searched when entering the border – nervous about what I said on my social media accounts, hearing varying perspectives on the Hong Kong situation – from Beijing side …

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Back InTo China (Chinese Face To Face Requirement)

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Last Minute Trip to China (Face to Face Meetings) As I am hitting my one year anniversary of living in Thailand – I’m learning the skill of being fully online. The 10+ years in China always was a balance of online and offline work/business development. As we are marketing our fourth annual Cross Border Summit – Oct 22-23 – in …

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Team Catchup, Manila 2019

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Meetings in Manila For anyone actually following these blog posts – you may wonder where is Mike now? The last couple weeks on the road for consulting and deal making in Bangkok and then to Manila to discuss cooperation with Alpha Rock Capital. Like many online business owners, I have a good amount of people on the team based in …

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China Trip July 2019

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Back to China – again! Wife and a few others asking the deal – so as always – putting it out there. Here’s a very quick writeup so far 10 days on the road – July 6 – 17, 2019. This Saturday, July 6, 2019 fly from Chiang Mai to Hong Kong. Evening flight so spend as much time as …

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My Daddy Saturday Night

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My Normal Saturday night Just a quick post – this is my life now. Saturday night on the sofa w/ the wife and kids watching Spiderman. My daughter was so scared of Dr Octopus – and my wife was able to snap this photo of her coming to daddy when Dr Octopus was running wild in the movie. I also …

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Sitting on the Sidelines Waiting for G-20 Results

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Sitting on the Sidelines Waiting for G-20 Results I have never been so “into” politics. The USA, China trade war has forced me to follow politics much more closely. My livelihood depends on it. I feel I’m living in that scene of the Lord of War (my blogs talking about it 1, 2) movie where Nicolas Cage is at his …