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Transition Time: Temple Time

In blog, motivation, travel by Michael Michelini

Temple, series 2. The last time was in November 2021 when the markets were so hyped up. This time the world is in a different position totally – and we are all evolving and changing. My supportive wife encouraged me to check in to the temple – this time in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to undergo some mindfulness and peace. Friday, …

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Nomad Capitalist Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In blog, Events, travel, vlog by Michael Michelini

Again, more networking going. Andrew Henderson started up Nomad Capitalist blog the same year as Global From Asia – 2013! Ten years later and he has really carved out an amazing community and content asset. Felt it was a good chance to meet all these “nomad capitalists” and join my first trip to a Nomad Capitalist Live event – here …

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Slowly Getting Back Into The Flow: Cross Border Summit Preparations

In blog, Events, vlog by Michael Michelini

As I begin to type this out, I hesitate to use the word covid anymore, but just have to. It seriously damaged our cross-border e-commerce community and still putting the pieces back together. A huge milestone of the rebuilding of the community is the Cross Border Summit. We haven’t had one since October 2019 in Guangzhou, China – meaning it …

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Back to School For The Kids, Happier than Ever

In blog, family friends, vlog by Michael Michelini

Summer is over! Thailand schools start rather early (early to mid-August). Miles and Maggie got started right in the middle- Tuesday, Aug 15 and have been looking forward to it all summer. Mike takes you a bit behind the scenes of the family flow, and life in Thailand, and asks the kids how they are doing – 1 year since …

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Speaking on a Panel about the Power of Outsourcing

In blog, Events by Michael Michelini

On Friday, September 1, those in Chiang Mai, Thailand are welcome to join us at a panel where Mike will be sharing his experiences growing, scaling, and outsourcing the e-commerce and digital marketing businesses he is involved in. If you are in Chiang Mai on the 1st of September, you should make sure to get along to this event. There’s …

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Review: Ultimate Reishi Mushroom Formula

In blog, Reviews, vlog by Michael Michelini

Today I want to share with you something I’ve been using to help with relaxing and better sleep – Mehdi Reishi, an organic mushroom extract. There are 3 different styles, but the one I am using in the video is the green box, which is the “ultimate” and a blend. I mix it with water, but you can mix it …