Been Busy Building a Startup Team for Weibo Agent

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I’ve been behind on blogging lately, friends all been asking me whats up. Since I came back from Shanghai last week, I have been totally submerged into focusing all my time into Weibo Agent startup. I have been looking for the right thing to focus on, and I have been spending the first half of this year making hard choices to let go of businesses I wasn’t satisfied with.

I’m trying my best to apply all this “Lean methodology” to this startup Weibo Agent – and we are in a limited beta now, selectively taking people who apply on – we are targeting westerners who already have a Sina Weibo account for now, to help them understand and better control / see whats happening in their Chinese social media world. Its for small to medium sized enterprises that have someone helping them with their Chinese social media already, but the business owner has no idea if its worth the effort or not.

We learned this from applying the Lean methodology to the business, and as much as I had my own idea for how I should see this system working, we have been surveying customers and taking their feedback and applying it.

Currently Recruiting a Startup Team

I’ve been talking to a few people already about being IT, business, sales co-founders. I realize now more then ever its about the team. Can’t name names on this blog (many aren’t as open as I am) but we have decent IT project managers looking to leave their corporate jobs for this new venture.

If you’re interested in getting involved, I would definitely like to consider it. Mostly looking for programmer / IT co-founders. Also those experienced in Chinese social media.

Looking to Raise Funding

I have never really taken any of my previous businesses out to raise capital. I have had some angel investments, as a minority equity partner in a marketing position.

This is different.

I’m looking to focus, put 100% of my time into this, and make it big. And I want to make this a showcase of something that I can do. And prove if you put your mind to 1 thing, things are possible.

And I am not afraid to lose anymore, I’m not afraid to take a risk.

Already talking to some potential investors and programs now, again I don’t want to get into names until things are confirmed.

May slow down on this blog

I’ll always blog here, but I may start slowing it down. I’m really excited and dedicated and focused on taking Weibo Agent to the next level.

Signup for the Weibo Agent beta!

If you’re doing Chinese social media, and want to understand it more and how you are progressing, then this is what Weibo Agent will help you with.

Currently we are targetting people who already have a Weibo account, but soon will help people who don’t have a weibo account setup either.

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