Couchsurfer Visitor in Hong Kong from Cebu Philippines

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I have been sometimes questioning if its worth taking time for these meetups, they do take time when some friends say I could be sitting behind computer working. But then things like meeting old friends in new places come up, using social media to exponentially grow trust and relationships all around the globe.

So this week, my friend Dann Diez from Cebu, Philippines who I met in person at a cebu meetup crashed at my place in Hong Kong. He has been talking to me about his trip to Hong Kong for a few months, almost a bit pushy to confirm it, but I appreciate his attention to details and confirmation tactics :). He is a very organized traveler, having gone to USA before, as well Hong Kong quickly once before and Shenzhen. He brought his own towel and pillow, etc. Tried not to be too much trouble for me and his other hosts, as he couchsurfs often.

Took him out for some local Hong Kong style food, where this picture was taken. Dann is a really jolly guy, has his tour guide book ready. Asking me for tips, and has his schedule to see the Peak, and other Hong Kong highlights. Maybe I should be a tour guide in China! I do enjoy it, and was tour guide of the year at my university….

Dann is a great guy, and again I cannot say I waste my time doing these social media meetups, being open online, because again and again I am meeting great people and building long term relationships from it. I wouldn’t have met him, as well as so many other great people. He has given me advice about business in the Philippines, and I have helped him out too. And that is what its all about, life, business, social media. All tied together.

Even though I’m talking about couchsurfing , renting your room out to strangers still is a weird feeling….I have mentioned and do believe facebook is your online identity and we can more quickly trust strangers online by seeing their friends and reputation without ever meeting them. Yet its still a learning process, and I’m slowly getting more bold and being more open. ITS THE SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION……I have heard about renting cars to people when you’re not fully using them, another variation of couch surfing, except it is YOUR CAR! Wild, right…..

What are material things? “Owning”. It is about community, sharing….I can imagine future generations will be more open…and me as a guy getting old and “stubborn”, I have to keep an open mind.

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  1. great meet up your people say !!!!
    you come across so well on blog
    you seem like so perfect person

    1. Author

      its been a process… the past i wanted to separate my professional life and personal life….but now its all transparent and i am “one person”

  2. thanks for hosting me mike, and really made my HK trip possible for a low budget traveller like me. I feel safe also in your place and see you in Manila ill arrive in June 29 so i can tour you around and be your guide there before your trip back to HK.

    1. Author

      no problem Dann,

      this is what makes life interesting….meeting new people, experiences, cultures. I’m glad we are friends. Hope to see you in Manila soon!

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