Focusing + Organizing Upcoming Week: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hong Kong, Philippines

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Maybe its insanity to say this, but bouncing around these places is getting to be normal life for me. I did take a break last week and “stay in Hong Kong” for 7 solid days straight. The chaos is being tamed….or I’m just getting used to it.

I’m taking the weekend in Shenzhen now, been trying to cut down meetings (thanks Leon and others), and just learning to better say “NO”, even though I may dissappoint people or miss out on some opportunities. But then so be it.

Here is the upcoming week:

  • Sunday – here in Shenzhen, working on preparing for week ahead, also hope to finish a book “Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure”.
  • Monday – go to Dongguan at the Fiveislands Chinese ecommerce center, my trusted assistant Amy says everyone misses me….(awwww, I feel the love!) One of our clients of bike accessories needs a bike from his Shenzhen workshop to be moved over to our Dongguan facility, maybe I’ll ride it over (nahhh, not that crazy!) Oh, and yea maybe also catch up on work! (yes, I do work, not just blog and travel guys!)
  • Tuesday – Dongguan still, hopefully there will be electricity, hope to have more team and management meetings about the Chinese ecommerce projects and logistics. Plan to head to Hong Kong after the day of work is done.
  • Wednesday – in Hong Kong, meet with my friend Vlad introduce him to my Hong Kong business friends, investigate a new web project for the Hong Kong market (still a bit early stage for me to blog details). Also hope to meet some social media gurus like Kitty Cheung and @battlestars Jason
  • Thursday – still in Hong Kong for the morning and early afternoon, work in Boot HK coworking, in the evening there is the Shenzhen meeting for re-launch. More name card trading and networking over cocktails.
  • Friday – A day between networking meetings, probably stay in Shenzhen and catch up on work.
  • Saturday, afternoon meetup for shenzhen marketing, the fifth one, topic on mobile app marketing
  • Saturday night, Head back to Hong Kong, my friend Andy Englander from USA is in town for a couple weeks, spend a night on the town w/ him, wish I had more time, but have the Philippines in the morning.
  • Sunday morning – fly to philippines from Hong Kong airport, will be in Philippines from the 19th to the 30th. Plan to visit my staff, the scholarship program progress, check on progress of Clear Cafe center, hope to do a meetup, and get some beach time in Boracay (yes, I know MikeMo, finally!)

So there is my upcoming week. I am going to try my best to stick to this schedule….whats exhausting is not the traveling, but changing the plans due to others or some strange circumstances last minute….that is what really drains me…switching gears. I need to mentally prepare and plan.

But I feel more confident…I’ve learned the best ways to get around these locations….that took years of hustling to do…now its about planning and execution! DO IT!

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