Plans for Rest of 2019

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Plans For Next Six Months

We are almost halfway through the year. It has been an intense one for sure, settling in to Thailand life, luckily got the visa sorted for the whole family. While my “wild travel adventures” have slowed down, they haven’t dropped to a halt. Using today’s blog to share the plans for the rest of 2019. Can’t believe I am already thinking about entering the year 2020 – but let’s make it happen and make the most of the rest of this year.

Hope some of this will help us cooperate together!

June 2019 – Plan is to stay in Thailand. Was an intense week in China towards the end of May, and have a lot to work on. Will be settling the final details for the Cross Border Summit October 22-23 in Guangzhou, China ( if you’re curious) as this will be a massive multi day event with tons of amazing speakers and other add-ons.

Also working on adding a lot of new products to the portfolio. Further systematizing and building a team around content creation for ecommerce.

May have a visitor or 2 coming to town for an intensive business session, still figuring out the terms of that cooperation.

July 2019 – No bootcamp this time! I know a bit of a bummer, but the summer is not a good time to organize an event, at least from my experience trying to put this bootcamp together.

Will head to Rise conference in Hong Kong in early July, and for Global From Asia we will have a meetup during the conference – which I’m pretty excited about on July 9 evening.

After the Hong Kong Rise festivities plan to visit more factories in China for our Amazon FBA business. Need to get the Christmas orders in place. Mid July. I think a week is enough – most are in Ningbo area. Then can fly back to Chiang Mai, Thailand directly from Hangzhou airport (they have direct flights, lucky me!)

August 2019 – Deeper in preparations for the Cross Border Summit. Locking in more details.

September 2019 – Planning to make a trip back to Hong Kong / Shenzhen – a returning corporate training project that I enjoy doing. Also planning the Cross Border Summit in Colombia for 2020.

October 2019 – Trade show mania. Still deciding about DCBKK conference in Bangkok, it is one of my favorites which is the week before Cross Border Summit. Then head up to China for the hyper active trade show season. Deciding how long to stick around but will definitely (obviously) be there for our Cross Border Summit event, fourth annual in China.

November 2019 – most likely “charge back up” in Chiang Mai after an intense October conference and trade show season. Getting into gear for 2020.

December 2019 – Hopefully will have a good Christmas for our Amazon ecommerce business. Reflect on the year, reviewing our team and our systems and our tools. Plan for an epic new year. Our Thailand visa will be expiring in Dec 22 so hope that by this time we will have a new one sorted (drama I don’t want to get into).

That is the plan. Not to much travel – just back and forth between Thailand and China a few times. Plan to reduce the stress that I had in the past with the Shenzhen / Hong Kong travel and just do it no more than once every month or two – if there is a good enough reason (corporate training / big event).

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