Grabbing a Few Little Physical Memories

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Grabbing a Few Little Physical Memories

Walking on the beach we just want to grab something. Kids want to “take this, keep that”. Humans, why do we want to horde and grab things?

I did grab some things while walking along the beach as well. My kids asked me why, and I plan to throw the shell back before I leave today and keep the other (as it is basically garbage).

1) The shell – I liked the infinite feeling of this specific shell. It keeps changing as I look into it. Just haven’t seen another one like this in my beach walking history.

2) The broken piece of stone / wall – this is a well-weathered piece of a building. It has an ocean blue paint on one side and a white back side. It has been in the ocean for quite some time and I can imagine it being a house the was washed up into the sea during a storm. Maybe a resort hotel. Just the idea that this used to be something beautiful and massive, and is now a small square being brushed over and over again by the ocean and its waves.

I’ll keep the second one in my pocket for a while. Just a nice little token to remember that what we do on the planet can be washed away quite easily. That we are not here forever, and like the Stoic thinkers, we are simply “shadows and dust”.

Heading on a mini bus soon and while these shells and stones may not last forever – will this blog post? I hope this blog can remain online for years and decades to come, so I can remind my kids of this amazing adventure we took together for about a week during the Songkran holiday of 2019.

Let us all stop and appreciate who we are and what we have.

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