Reminder Of Family Bonding, In Southeast Asia

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The Family Bonding In Southeast Asia

Definitely more “cowboys and indians” style here in Southeast Asia compared to the last few years in Shenzhen. Actually it is mind-blowing to think how fast Shenzhen, China developed from seeing things like this photo featured today into a police state where nothing like this seems even possible anymore.

I took the photo in Bangkok – April 2019 – just randomly from my Grab Taxi at an intersection.

Trying to imagine the life they must live. Probably in a very – lets say “close and comfortable” living quarters in a densely populated village area in Bangkok, Thailand. I imagine this family of 4 all shares 1 bedroom, and the father has learned how to sleep through anything.

But really, what more do you need? Isn’t this what life is all about? For me, this is a constant reminder – life is really simple but us humans insist to make it more complicated. It is human nature to always want more, do more, get more, show off more. But I need to remind myself – this is really what it is about.

Of course, it is extremely dangerous – the infant baby is maybe a half year old and how can the mom hold onto the baby and the bike at the same time? No helmets for either kid – but helmets for the parents?

A whole family on the back of a motorbike. Pray they stay safe.

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  1. Whole heartedly agree. Simple life is a happy life. Since when did we need 250+ meter (2500 sq ft) homes? We lost the meaning or value behind materials and just keep buying, buying, storing, shuffling away, forgetting about it and eventually selling/getting rid of such item(s) in the end. The next revolution will be a mass adoption towards living a more minimalistic lifestyle. Unfortunately it might be a shift from “wanting to become minimalistic” to “requiring to do so” to survive the next recession.

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