The Grind and Balance of Business in Asia

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The Grind and Balance of Business in Asia

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In Asia, or in China? After almost 8 months I finally had the chance to come back to Mainland China

With such an intense 4 days and some odd hours to visit and do business, meetups, workshops, and venue hunting for Cross Border Summit – may as well grab the v-log gear and record.

In the video, you may not even keep up with the various cities – start off by saying goodbye to the family in Chiang Mai, Thailand. First stop Hong Kong, banking meetings with my business partner CPA Ray Ng at Unipro Consulting (really hoping we can get HSBC banking deal open – thanks Lucian!). After the bank, a nice little round table (thanks again Lorenzo and Lucian for hosting) for Global From Asia. Then rush off to the train station to head into Guangzhou.

Guangzhou, our Cross Border Summit China partner Mark Ramos and Eve hosted me and we did a wild round trip day visiting various venues for the fourth annual conference. Ended up picking a more flexible location downtown near Canton Tower for Oct 22-23. Stay tuned for more info, really overloaded with people looking for speaking, sponsoring, early bird tickets – but will be focusing on members first then non-members.

After less than 24 hours in Guangzhou, headed on the train down south again to my old home of Shenzhen. JEez, this city is still growing – new malls and buildings still popping up everywhere. Saw a Starbucks BAR (is this in USA yet?) where you literally sit at a bar and they pour a Starbucks beer from their tap for you. More workshops for the public as well as for corporate, and squeezed in some meetups w/ old friends like Chris Davey, Marshall, Gary from Shekou Daily, and the infamous on Facebook – PJ Entrepreneur (awesome name!!). Quality time with my buddy Dave and dug out a lot of my storage and tried to cram as much into my luggage to take to Thailand.

I don’t recommend doing Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in 4 days, definitely a bit too rushed but was lucky to get most of the core things done – as well as some factory coordination sorted.

How was your week 😉

Oh, and I just was reminded it is Memorial Day in USA, enjoy!

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