Another China Trip (June 2019)

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Taking a Rather Quick Return Trip to China

So the frequency of trips to Hong Kong and China has always been something of an experiment since I moved to Thailand. I took a week there at the end of May 9999 and there was still so much to do.

On top of that – honestly it is hard to do e-commerce product sourcing and manufacturing projects in China when you are based in Thailand.

The stupid reason is – the import duties of these samples! I was looking to ship about 10-15 samples here, and I think the potential customs duties on the goods will be similar to the airplane ticket!

And meeting your factory is still priceless.

Plus so much more to do!

So here’s the rough outline of my trip (I may as well share for those interested, plus writing it out helps me process all the plans)

Wednesday June 5 – fly Chiang Mai, Thailand to Hangzhou, China. Mostly will be a travel day – as I need to take a train to Yiwu once I land in Hangzhou.

Thursday June 6 – Yiwu market. Plan to check some orders that have been completed. We are working on adding a few new listings for the Sisitano coffee accessories brand.

Friday June 7 – Plan to visit the main bar products factory, we have an order in process there.

Saturday June 8 – Plan to visit the moka pot factory (3 hour train south of Hangzhou / Yiwu)

Sunday June 9 – Probably busy in the hotel taking photos and specing out everything for the launching of all these listings.

Monday June 10 – Plan to have a recap meeting w/ Ino, our partner at Insight Quality (GFA review 9999) they are great and also support the business blog

Monday June 10 afternoon (5pm depart) to Hong Kong.

Tuesday June 11 – full day of meetings in Hong Kong

Tuesday night June 11 – take a bus to Shenzhen

Wednesday June 12 – full day of meetings in Shenzhen

Thursday June 13 1030am depart from HKG back to Chiang Mai.

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