Priorities: Back In Time For Son’s Birthday

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Back in Thailand for My Son’s Birthday Number 5

Oh, to be an “American dad” in Asia. Family in Thailand, doing work and business development in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Does seem like the right position overall. Come to China for focused (and intense) business meetings that have been planned well in advanced from Thailand. Fly in, meeting, meeting, bank, workshop, meeting, meeting, workshop, fly back.

Here is the challenging part – I had a corporate training workshop on Saturday May 25 – and it was also my son’s birthday. They were a group who came together only for a few days in Shenzhen, China and I couldn’t ask them to change the dates / times.

I solved it by getting a 3:20pm depart from Hong Kong to Chiang Mai.

Arriving 530pm local time on his birthday.

Seems fair?

Wendy did make the birthday celebration on Sunday though due to this – one day after his actual birthda.y

What do you think – should I be a better dad?

The corporate training was a returning client, this as the third time I had done it – I enjoy doing it – and it helps support the business – which supports the family.

Typing this up on Sunday May 26 – I love my son, and I will enjoy my day with him on his birthday +1 celebration. He’s turning 5, I think this will be a memory he won’t forget.

Excited to have him old enough to travel with me and learn all these business mistakes I have made so he doesn’t make the same ones.

I love you Miles. Daddy does his best for you.

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