Took Kids To The Beach (Amazing Vibes)

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Wow, the feeling you get when your kids put their water in the ocean. I have taken them to the beach before (I remember when I visited my family in Florida we all got in the water) – but maybe they are old enough to appreciate it now.

The ocean, something about the sheer size of the ocean and the idea that this is the line in which the water ends and land begins. So many amazing movies have the scene of the man or woman washed up on shore in a new place to explore and see what it has to offer.

It has been a couple weeks now of Songkran holiday in Thailand and since they have another week off next week, we snuck down to the beach here. Would be nice to have my children grow up as beach kids. Seems really epic, to walk along the sea and hear the waves coming in and receding. Just the dramatic part of it is powerful.

Typing this up early Saturday morning on our second day here, wife and kids still asleep. Will enjoy this time. I love my parents too and have such amazing memories. Time to make those same memories for my kids. While they may not consciously remember these days, it will be those unconscious memories that shape them as human beings.

Trying my best to give them the best memories possible.

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