Book Review: This Is The Answer

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As a Dan Norris fanboy, I gladly accepted the chance to be an earlier reader of his latest masterpiece, “This is The Answer”.

Warning – Do Not Read This Before Going To Bed

Now, I often recommend not to read business books at night as it gets your brain flowing too much and you won’t be able to get much rest. But here is even more true!

I wanted to get through the book quickly to get Dan feedback on the book, and so I broke my “no business books at night” rule.

Big mistake!

Dan’s brutal honest feedback for entrepreneurs (or wanna-preneurs) shines through in the text and you are analyzing yourself and your business regularly through the pages.

I wrote down new perspectives and ideas for businesses I am currently working on, to actually lower the price of my Global From Asia bootcamp to be more scalable and grow faster is a direct result of reading this book.

You will constantly ask yourself in this book “Am I cut out to be a real entrepreneur”.

When should I give up and say I have failed at this or that project.

So be warned – it is a book not for the faint hearted. Are you just doing your own business to sit in your house in your pajamas all day? Read at your own risk! But it may be that wakeup call you need – why are you doing what you are doing? Just to put on your business card or your LinkedIn that you are a business owner? What is the point?

His real talk and warnings for listening to gurus and full time mentors will have you laughing (unless you are that guru).

I recommend having a notebook out while reading, and be ready to face reality in your own business as you read. Thanks Dan for the wake up call I needed.

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