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Welcome 2023, New Year, Networking Normal?

In blog, business, vlog by Michael Michelini

The last few years have been a turning point for many, lives adjusted, businesses adjusted – and we keep pushing forward. Entering a new year is always a fresh start feel, and to me, 2023 is the year I feel covid will be mainly behind us. Especially due to heavy involvement with China in multiple businesses we do, it has …

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Unboxing – SuperBee | Beeswax Wrap Roll

In blog, Reviews, vlog by Michael Michelini

Grab your Superbee products today on Amazon here! Okay let’s check out today the super b roll this is handmade product in Thailand. I am gonna check it out now so really cool packaging photos of the of the team and this has been there’s many different versions of this but this is kind of the more common use as …

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Trip to the Chiang Mai Planetarium

In blog, family friends, travel, vlog by Michael Michelini

Snuck a quick afternoon trip to the space museum in Chiang Mai, Thailand Sometimes you just need to take the kids out and play. Been cooped up waiting for mommy to come back from her trip – and with Christmas almost here – lets make it happen. We were able to get a seat at the 2pm viewing in the …

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​​Meeting 15 of the “Shadstone Ninjas” on the Philippines Company Retreat

In blog, Events, motivation, travel, vlog by Michael Michelini

Many who follow my blog don’t even know about our main “operations and creation” company Shadstone. Since 2007 it has existed as a B2B agency for Asia business and boutique marketing. Since Covid, we have really doubled down on BUILDING LEADERS. Janette Toral has been coaching us and we have made some hard adjustments but am proud of the team …

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My Son Wants to be a YouTuber

In blog, family friends, vlog by Michael Michelini

It has been an ongoing discussion since we were in Shenzhen. Miles, my son, wants to be a Minecraft youtuber. Or a gamer youtuber, as he has other games he likes too. Wendy and I have been discussing it – this means we’d need to get a gamer laptop. Even my mac I’m typing isn’t powerful enough to do youtube …

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Experiencing “Sensation” in Mediation with The Living Crystal

In blog, motivation, productivity, vlog by Michael Michelini

Over the years on Mike’s Blog, we have talked about meditation, my temple experience, and diving deeper into productivity and focus with Pomodoro timers. Today, I got to experience what I am calling “sensation mediation” with a product my friend (and now business alliance in the upcoming crowdfunding campaign) John gave me in late November 2022. I only had 25 …

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Dinner Meeting with Amazon Global Selling, Thailand + Southeast Asia

In blog, business, e-commerce, Events by Michael Michelini

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, I had the pleasure to be accepted to attend a private Amazon Global Selling Dinner event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There were quite a few representatives from Amazon there from all parts of Southeast Asia – Thailand (their office is in Bangkok), Singapore, Vietnam, and some people from the Philippines and Malaysia. It was more …

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Need Your Input – Logistics Quotes To Get Out Of Nightmare

In blog, business, e-commerce by Michael Michelini

Need your help and Input! One of our Amazon investments is in a logistics nightmare – and we need to get more quotes on receiving a container to a LA warehouse to show our old warehouse (it’s stuck there) Check out the full story at and if you have data/quotes you can share about your 3PL rates – please …

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Book Review – Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China

In blog, Books, Reviews by Michael Michelini

Here’s my writeup of Sharon Gai’s book, Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China – a great read for anyone targeting Chinese consumers – online as well as offline! Helpful and Logical Flow to Understand Intricacies of Chinese ecommerce Sharon’s experience both on East and West – having been born in China and gone through both education and work experience …