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True Passion – Sharing and Teaching People How to Earn a Living

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“Back at it” – The Alpha Rock Capital partners have let me loose and to do what my passion is – to share and spread the good word. Alexa and I took a trip to Quezon City (my old home from 2010!) to speak at Ace and Andi Estrada’s Manila Mastermind e-commerce event. A few hundred attendees there, all local …

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We Bought a Shoelace Amazon Business

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We Just Bought a Shoelace Business (example of what I’m doing lately) To give people on the personal blog a bit of an example, at Alpha Rock Capital we just purchased a business selling elastic shoelaces on Amazon. They previous owner had been building it up for a couple years and it is a top ranking product in the re-usable …

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In Bloomberg About the Trade War & SME Effects

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Quoted in Bloomberg About China/USA Amazon FBA Merchant Stress I’ve been talking to quite a few journalists lately about the effects of the USA/China trade war on small business owners. One of them decided to take a quote – and it is in Bloomberg, Monday June 24, 2019 Here’s the link (paywall): And here’s a screen capture And here’s …

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Re-Entering The Bar Products Online Retail Industry

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Re-entering the Bar Products industry A bit early stage to say anything, but hey – this is my random personal blog and I have been wanting to get it out of my head for a while. So my first e-commerce business, that I started in 2005, well technically started on eBay in 2004 but launched the website in May 2005 …

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Welcome Back after Chinese New Years! Ready to Rock!

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I remember being that frustrated American in USA….emailing factories and Chinese businesses during the months of Jan / Feb and getting nothing, no reply, not even a vacation autoresponder (well Chinese don’t really use email anyway…) ….and after over 4 years in China, I still “try” to get work done during Chinese new years….on the foreign (Western) side… doing conference …