China Is Open Again – End of Chinese New Years

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Woke up bright and early Thursday morning (6:30am) to head from Hong Kong over to Dong Guan, China to the Five Islands ecommerce center. I don’t mean to be an ignorant foreigner in China….but this holiday is annoying to me…..its just so long…………..I am a workaholic…..I am an “entrepreneur”…..and one half of my business is closed down, while the buy side is banging on my door the whole time. I am just so excited to get things going, make deals, create opportunity…and its in a standstill for 2 to almost 3 weeks solid.

So on the first day back to work, the factory has their traditional south China Buddhist influenced ceremony. It involves utilizing the small temple (picture here in the post) and each person showing respect and blessing. We then eat some roast pig and duck….drink a little wine (yes at around 10am on a Thursday)….

So many red pockets (envelopes) even on the first day back the bosses are passing around envelops of cash. This is definitely something I noticed more in Hong Kong style than in Shenzhen or Guangzhou where I have spent time and know other business friends.

Again, you have to understand, China does not have a uniform way of celebrating the holiday….so many different ways between north and south, various provinces……and even more broken down to cities or groups of cities.

I am just really excited that the country of China is back open for business….I have been chatting to friends (via QQ) listening to stories of their hometown, their wishes and dreams for the next year (rabbit year), and everyone is rested, refreshed, and excited to MAKE SOME MONEY.

Definitely a motivator here….Chinese people are really driven to succeed.

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