Literally Working Anywhere….new Android Tablet – Viewsonic Tab

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I have been tweeting and showing off my new android viewsonic tablet…..walking around the busy streets of Hong Kong and in the MTR underground…..bought this tablet Saturday afternoon to be a “between” my mobile phone and my laptop…..

People have been @ replying me asking me questions about battery life, does it work with a SIM card, etc etc, so I promised Piotr and some others I’d write up a blog entry about it.

I am trying to increase my productivity….but also I am trying to not have to carry an expensive smartphone with me as well (after my mobile phone was stolen I’m afraid to get a big, expensive mobile phone). So I have my laptop (where I am typing this blog now), this viewsonic tablet, and a HTC wildfire mobile phone (a smaller screen — less flashy, cheaper —- android phone) I also am carrying around a 3G hotspot that allows up to 5 connections to connect simultaneously.

Some specs on the Viewsonic tablet

  • Its the viewsonic viewtab 7 series
  • 7 inch display
  • Android 2.2 Operating System
  • 512 mb RAM
  • WIFI
  • SIM card (so you can make phone calls with it) – I got a call on it today (it has my China mobile SIM card) and talked on speaker phone with it, but I could connect a bluetooth headset if I wanted.
  • Bluetooth ready (as per above) – maybe can try a bluetooth keyboard to type with buttons.
  • Battery life seems to be about 6 – 8 hours (haven’t drained it yet, and used it most of my day)
  • Camera (am told iPad doesn’t have this….)
  • I am loving this tablet….some people say they are like a big phone….but I see it as a laptop in the subway, train, bus, even using it in a taxi . And the screen makes it more social to share what I’m reading or doing on my phone with people around me. I was in HSBC bank today….I am on 3G so I don’t need to search for wifi, when I’m in the waiting room, I am replying emails easily….typing with both hands easily spread out…..

    I really see laptops….and definitely PCs dying soon……sure its more convenient sometimes, but for the majority of a normal person’s day to day work… can do it from this tablet.

    Sure it gets some strange looks, one guy in the elevator said to me “is that a big iphone”? I have also been typing and walking, crashing into people a bit….but I am so happy that I can have a truly mobile office…..its really destressing to me. To me it kills dead time waiting for trains, taxis, meetings…..I can get my data in these annoying gaps….and not from some cramped mobile phone screen…..

    Plus when I am using a laptop (as I have whipped out a laptop in buses, taxis, and other public transportation systems) you have to wait for it to come out of standby mode…..this tablet I have not powered off since I charged it up last Saturday…its always on….and I quickly unlock the screen saver and can get to my work.

    I hope I don’t get robbed again….but you know what – THERE ISN’T ANY DATA that isn’t back up…its always syncing my calendar, my contacts, my email….I can access things via dropbox app, passwords too. Its just amazing…..

    The world of technology is moving so fast…I do agree mobile is in the lead….even above social media… will soon replace PC and laptop…..and there is so much software apps and solutions that need to be developed to make it happen!

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    1. great device
      get more done
      you are moving
      love your writings

    2. Hey Mike, thanks for the review. I like it. there is one thing especially that surprised me that i never thought about. the fact that its always on – you dont have to wait for it to boot up. I thought who would buy a tablet when laptops are 100% better! your screen is protected, you have that full keyboard that you can type on 5 times faster than the touch screen keyboard – the startup time – good point. as long as battery life is good thats a good thing!

      1. Author

        yea man, like now i am laying in bed, just took a shower…..tablet is here next to my pillow…..pick it up, its already power on… a mobile phone…..see ur comment…..replying now….

        next i will read stock news in usa, turn it back to standy by…..sleep….wake up, check email


    3. How different is it from the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

      1. Author

        well, first off its cheaper then samsung, i paid 3500hk dollars for it and samsung was 4500hk dollars

        second, i am told the internal components are stronger, viewpad has more metal and solid pieces than samsung…..

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    5. wow cool…i want to have one too! haha, hey mike please be careful this time…dont carry your expensive gadget ont he street or in a bar, you know what’s gonna happen next:-(

    6. i saw one of my co-worker use this phone,his produced by ANY-CALL.

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    8. hi….i just bought this tablet today….and im new with android and the other stuff…..
      and there is a problem here… can i define an new access point in wifi setting? i mean i make one but it dont work,,,,whats the port number? 8080? and APN Type???? what should i type there? oh….and what in APN it self?

      we really need help here…u know…..its dead without internet and softwares….PLEASE>>>>HELLLLP!!!!!

      and oh my mail..:

      1. Author

        sorry, i am not familiar w/ that -…..there may be android forums online . check those out! good luck!

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