Successful Shenzhen Ecommerce Meetup #5 – Mobile Theme

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As I’ve been saying, doing tons of networking these days….I do enjoy it the most, its like link building people…and connecting people to add value to society does give me that sense of fulfillment. This saturday was our 5th Shenzhen ecommerce meetup, and trying to theme each meeting, we built it around mobile and location based services.

We had 3 speakers:

  1. Larry Salibra, CEO Appartisan Mobile Apps, Guangzhou – speaking on apple mobile app development market
  2. 郑伟彤 (Peter Zheng), Product Director in Kingdee, speaking on Business Model of
  3. Ryan McNamara , Marketing Director, I-Contain Wireless Technology Solutions, speaking on how GPS tracking affects online businesses.

Like I always say, I need feedback and hear what people want in order to have a successful anything, and we had a rocky road with the internet meetups, trying different formats, rooms, lengths, and schedules. But seems the best situation is to have a round table introduction of everyone in the room, speaker, 10 minute break, 2nd speaker, break, and then the 3rd speaker, to a case study, and then open floor networking and business card exchange.

Some people have even said they would prefer just networking, no need for the speakers…but I think it “puts meat on the bones” and gives some topic and education to the event. Even when there is just pure open networking at the end, most people filter out after 30 to 45 minutes.

And we don’t have drinks or food at the event…again, this is a free event, and the only sponsor right now really is Kingdee for giving us the venue, and the volunteers helping organize and speakers for spending their time to make the presentation and deliver it.

Overall, I am really happy passing our fifth meeting, and hopefully will plan out the next 6 or 7 meetings upfront with dates and get a long term agreement with Kingdee for the room.

Already outlining August (I know, there is July still to determine) where we have a speaker who wants to discuss intellectual property in China and trademark protection for ecommerce businesses…looking for a second speaker to complement it, already have some leads to fill it in.

Other topics coming up are payment processors, social learning / collaboration, and maybe advanced ecommerce listing tools.

I really enjoy planning these events, but seems a long term project with long term value, if kept up and consistent.

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