On the Road Again, Heading Back to the Philippines

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Sure, I have been traveling a lot between Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Dongguan a lot the past six months, but I don’t really consider it traveling…as my friend Marshall put it, its basically commuting!

I just can’t seem to stop working and traveling on the road,constant traveling since maybe March last year. Its addicting, and once you create a work environment where location isn’t as important, so long as you have internet (unrestricted, open internet preferred…) and electricity you can get the majority of your work done.

Its been since January that I’ve been to the Philippines, and there is a ton of business to attend to….as well as hopefully some relaxation and a much needed holiday…..even my staff and customers are screaming at me to take a damn holiday and refresh / relax for a bit.

Bringing some chocolates from Hong Kong (Marie advised this is a very popular gift) and will spread the love throughout the first day or two (as I’m sure its gonna melt in my bag extremely quickly down there)

I’ll probably keep on blogging, though I hope I don’t get too many jealous comments from those who are at the office while I’m working and relaxing on the beach!

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  1. It’s good for you to have a holiday to relax for a while. Hope the chocolates will not be melt so quicky.
    We (6 people) went to massage yesterday after meal. It’s really great. Maybe you should have a try after back.
    Have fun in Philippines.

  2. hope chocolates make it.
    had a good holiday mike thanks for
    trying to call .. fathers day big back in US

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