Back in China – Work Week Plan: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hong Kong

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Sundays are always my reflection and planning days….back from a long trip in the Philippines late last week, transitioned back to “China mode” with meeting people and running between Hong Kong to Shenzhen…..quickly outlining my week and posting here for ya’ll to see:

  1. Monday – in Shenzhen, China. Its July 4th, which is a holiday in USA – independence day, but I love these USA holidays while I’m in China / Asia…as I get to catch up on work without getting bombarded with more emails….have a few meetings for Shenzhen projects and staff.
  2. Tuesday, day trip to Dongguan, catch up with fiveislands ecommerce center, been away for a couple weeks in the philippines, check in with everyone, bunch of meetings and strategy ideas to bounce around. Come back to Shenzhen at night (think there is power outage in factory city that night….sigh….
  3. Wednesday Kingdee about the Shenzhen ecommerce meetups on a longer term, closer cooperation. Then hope to firm up the next six months of meetups – with July’s already coming up quick (still haven’t firmed up a date!). I also hope to have more Shenzhen meetings with logistics companies and others I’ve been talking to for a while!
  4. Thursday firm up shenzhen coworking launch, location has moved, is being renovated…I’ll blog in full detail Thursday once I check it out. I’m excited! Shenzhen needs this!
  5. Friday, open and flexible right now…but probably get to Hong Kong, meet Leon and the boot hk guys

1am now, Sunday night (Monday morning) hope to get some rest and rock this week! Short post, I love Sundays to reflect and plan!

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